Hōkūlea: Homecoming… Video

Family and friends gathered to welcome home the Hōkūlea crew after a difficult voyage from Palmyra to Hawaii. On this training sail, the crew successfully used ancient Polynesian navigation techniques to find their way, crossing more than 1,000 miles, in the most treacherous of conditions. 100% cloud cover, constant rain and high waves, ensured that the crew received a good training prior to Hōkūlea’s planned worldwide voyage.

This journey was the start of a year-long deep sea training period prior to the global sail in which the traditional Hawaiian canoe will circumnavigate the Earth using ancient Polynesian navigation techniques. The crew carry with them the value that we are all crew members on Canoe Earth and, just as on Hōkūle’a, we need to care for one another and our resources.


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