Don’t Shoot… I Might Be on Your Porch Doing My Business

The Hilo area is being canvassed by Census workers beginning today. I’m one of those census workers.

You can identify us in a number of ways. Most of us will be carrying a tote bag that looks like this:


All of us are required by law to be wearing our census badges:


We are mandated by law to attempt to get the address of every structure that could be both habituated or uninhabitable.

So don’t shoot if you see one of us coming up your driveway.

This should be very interesting.  One of the questions I asked, was “What happens if you see a driveway and it says tresspassers will be prosecuted.  Answer was that it was my job to  go up there and find out if there was a structure on the premise.

4 Responses

  1. NO TRESPASSING mean just that, and even law enforcement cannot trespass with prior permission OR a warrant. Two warrants actually. One to enter the property and one for their reason to enter the property in the first place, properly describing WHY? Census workers are not anything special. All government officials must abide by NO TRESPASSING laws and posted signs on a person’s property. You come on my property and I will have you arrested. Plain n’ simple. Census workers are just temporary employees and NOT actually government officials. But even government “officials” do not get Carte Blanche to disregard No Trespassing signs.

    • If a sign is not posted… a Census worker can visit you.

      If a sign is posted… in this next phase of the operation… the Enumerators on the Big Island will be honking and yelling at folks to come meet them at the “No Trespassing Signs”.

      Please remember… each resident not counted adds up to a lot of federal money that Puna could possibly get for things like Road Improvements.

  2. It’s an important job and someone has to do it! Have fun but take care!

  3. Oh, oh, some people on this island don’t like ANYBODY with a badge!!!

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