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PBS Hawaii Welcomes New Board Members

Eleven New Directors

Join the Board of Hawaii’s Public Television Station

Non-commercial broadcaster, PBS Hawaii, announced new members of its Board of Directors who will begin three-year terms.

PBS Hawaii President and CEO Leslie Wilcox said, “We’re honored to have the commitment of these accomplished individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets, as well as a passion for education and community service.”

The eleven new unpaid Board members are: Andrew Aoki – Co-Founder and Principal, 3P; Carolyn Berry – philanthropist and community leader; Jimmy Borges – entertainer and Na Hoku Hanohano Lifetime Achievement award recipient; Keiki-Pua Dancil, Ph.D – Executive VP of Business Operations, Hawaii Chitopure; Robin Puanani Danner – founding President and CEO, Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement; Jason Fujimoto – VP & Director Corporate Operations, Hawaii Planning Mill, Ltd.; Guy Fujimura – Secretary/Treasurer ILWU Local 142; Joan Lee Husted – retired Executive Director HS.T.A.; Thomas Koide – senior Executive VP, Bank of Hawaii; Cameron Nekota – Director, Kapolei Property Development, LLC; and David Watumull – President & CEO, Cardax Pharmaceuticals.

The new Board members will join Board Chairman Neil Hannahs , Vice Chairman Robert Alm, Treasurer Ronald Hansen, Secretary Rick Tsujimura, and current Directors Susan Eichor, Cheryl Hetherington, Alan Hoffman, Hokulani Holt-Padilla, Tim Johns, David Leonard, Bill Mills, Robert Ozaki, and Thomas Wellman.

Tales From the Enumerator… First Day in the Field Census Canvassing

So my first day “Out in the Field” canvassing addresses for the Census Bureau is completed.

It started out a complete mess. I was supposed to pick up my hand held computer last night, but my supervisor told me to pick it up this morning instead. I was planning on working my DOE job… but picking up this computer was an essential so I decided to pull a 10 hour day today w/ the Census Bureau.

I went in to pick it up… and it turns out that only about half of the hand held computers were working because of a Nationwide Sprint problem is what we were told.

At 1:00 they finally got the network up and running and I headed back into town for the second time (since our supervisor sent us home the first time… I got mileage twice for going into town and at $.50 a mile… that added up to almost $25.00 right there.)

By the time I got into town… I headed straight to my AA (Assigned Area) and began my duties. I didn’t run across any problems and the only dogs that really bothered me were the ones that were inside most of the houses that just got annoying listening to their yipping constantly.

I did get an interesting letter from a reader of my blog:

…My training was scheduled to start tomorrow. On Friday, someone called to say it had been moved from the Hawaii Kai library (2 miles from my house) to the LDS church in Kailua. Your experience at the church came roaring back to me and I told them I was no longer interested. Truthfully, I had been having some serious doubts about whether I could do it, especially if it was a 40 hour work week. I’m retired and have a part time job doing background investigations for the federal government. I also have several extracurricular volunteer activities. I tried a few times to get an accurate description of what the job would entail but it seemed the people in the census office only read from scripts. Friday night, the assistant crew leader called to make sure I had gotten the word about the location change. I told him I had dropped out but asked him a few questions. Finally, someone who actually had answers. He told me they hoped everyone could work at least 25 hours a week and that it did involve knocking on lots of doors. Here in Hawaii Kai, that would have meant walking almost the entire shift. He was very nice and invited me to come tomorrow morning anyway to hear what it is all about. I don’t plan to do so as I’m confident I made the right decision. I hope they were able to get someone to take my place. If it hadn’t been for your blog, I probably would have blindly forged forward and regretted it for 10 weeks. I hope you enjoy the job.

I’m glad my horrors have helped at least one person. All in all, not a bad day at all. I can tell my calves are gonna be sore tomorrow… but I’ll get used to it.

It will be nice to get back to the DOE job tomorrow, and as I’ve said before… this is gonna be a long 10 weeks.

Hōkūlea: Homecoming… Video

Family and friends gathered to welcome home the Hōkūlea crew after a difficult voyage from Palmyra to Hawaii. On this training sail, the crew successfully used ancient Polynesian navigation techniques to find their way, crossing more than 1,000 miles, in the most treacherous of conditions. 100% cloud cover, constant rain and high waves, ensured that the crew received a good training prior to Hōkūlea’s planned worldwide voyage.

This journey was the start of a year-long deep sea training period prior to the global sail in which the traditional Hawaiian canoe will circumnavigate the Earth using ancient Polynesian navigation techniques. The crew carry with them the value that we are all crew members on Canoe Earth and, just as on Hōkūle’a, we need to care for one another and our resources.


Win $25.00 Bucks Worth of “Stoneface” Merchandise

Big Island Cartoonist Greg Henkel is offering up $25.00 bucks worth of “Stoneface” Merchandise as part of a promotion for his new blog “Punatoons“.

All you have to do to enter, is write a caption to his latest comic that can be found here.

Greg used to post a few cartoons on Hunter Bishop’s old blog and now he has ventured into the cyberworld himself. He’s still learning a few things about his blog and how to work all the buttons, but once he gets the basics down… I’m sure he’s going to be keeping us entertained with his wit and humor on island life.

Here is the very first cartoon that he posted on his blog:


Mr. Henkel is also now an official member of the FBI Blogs and is their first cartoonist.

Corky Trinidad was good… but Mr. Henkel is great, AND HE isn’t restricted!

Go check out “Punatoons” and try and win yourself $25.00 bucks worth of “Stoneface” merchandise.

Don’t Shoot… I Might Be on Your Porch Doing My Business

The Hilo area is being canvassed by Census workers beginning today. I’m one of those census workers.

You can identify us in a number of ways. Most of us will be carrying a tote bag that looks like this:


All of us are required by law to be wearing our census badges:


We are mandated by law to attempt to get the address of every structure that could be both habituated or uninhabitable.

So don’t shoot if you see one of us coming up your driveway.

This should be very interesting.  One of the questions I asked, was “What happens if you see a driveway and it says tresspassers will be prosecuted.  Answer was that it was my job to  go up there and find out if there was a structure on the premise.