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New County Whatchamacallit… Website or Blog?

Earlier I released the Press Release the county sent out regarding it’s new “Web Site“.

I find it weird that they are calling it a “Website” when it has all the makings of a “Blog” to me.

And why in the world did it take so long to set that up?  I could have done that in less then an hour… AND HAVE!

I do find it strange that Councilman Yagong is calling for looking at what “County Employees” may and may not be viewing on their computers… I sure hope Yagong doesn’t call viewing “Blogs” something that county employees might not be able to do.

If that becomes the case… County Employees might not be able to go check out their own bosses new site.

So what do you think:

Website or Blog?  Whatever it is… it’s a step in the right direction.

3 Responses

  1. Is there a specific reason why a government office isn’t using a .gov domain? It takes away from the county’s “Validity” being just any old .com .

    Normally Government organizations can apply for the .gov domain and get it for free or at no cost. By using a .com, the county is spending money that is not needed.

    Hat tip to RJ Mendoza for reminding me of that.

  2. Content aside, it has a blog “feel” because of the design but it’s a website. Check out internet marketing sales webpages… they’re formatted the same way.

    In the end, a website is information displayed using a doamin name and server hosting… which would include blogs. So, they’re technically one in the same.

  3. Very little put out by the County there…mostly just scraped from other sources.

    One would be better informed by going to a site such as :


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