Hawaii Ethics Code on Computer Use… Councilmember Yagong, You Snooping My Blog a Few Weeks Ago?

Yesterday I posted some comments around the West Hawaii Today article in which Yagong is calling for the screening of the County Employees computer use.

It is pretty clear in most jobs what and what not the company paid computer should and should not be used for.

Smoking a cigarette is already only allowed on your breaks, although some offices are more lenient then others depending on the supervisor… (Of course my mom remembers the days when she was working in a government office and just had an ashtray on her desk and would smoke with clients in front of her)

As much of a fan of the “Internet and Digital World,” I’m not too happy with Yagong’s decision to investigate what sites county employees are viewing. It would feel a bit like Big Brother is watching your every move…

But, I do understand the rules… and those rules are there for a reason. If your not doing anything you shouldn’t be doing… then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Let’s look at a few of them:

The Hawaii County Ethics Board writes:

6. County Resources: Do not use County time, equipment (computers, email, etc.),  facilities, personnel, the County seal, office supplies or other County resources for non-County related purposes

Big Island Chronicle blogger Tiffany is a bit more pissed about this then I am. Its pretty much been a well known fact to many of us that your supervisors are viewing what sites most employees are browsing anyhow.

According to an Accountemps Network Appliance, Inc survey, U.S. employees spend an estimated 56 minutes each workday on personal Internet activities. This study also found that an estimated 64 percent of employers surveyed monitor employee Internet activity at least somewhat closely and that a surprising 70 percent of employees say that their employer has a right to monitor their Internet activity…

The thing I think is even funnier about this whole situation… is about two weeks ago I specifically blogged about how the hits on my blog went down on the weekends and I specifically said:

I find it pretty interesting that the amount of readers on my blog goes down substantially on weekends.

I can only think of a couple things.

Government workers working M-F using their work computers to check my blog…

Yagong… are you lurking on my blog?

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