Marines in Hawaii Attempted to Sell Stolen Night-Vision Scopes in Hawaii

The federal police raid of a house here (Tennessee) Wednesday morning might be connected to alleged attempts by active duty Marines to sell stolen military night-vision scopes in Hawaii.

Linked to the home at 288 Jonesboro Drive is Lance Cpl. Ronald William Abram, 20, who faces federal charges of conspiring to sell eight scopes to a Hong Kong buyer for $20,000. His father, Ronnie Abram, lives at the house, according to directory listings…

…Last July, he again landed on authorities’ radar when ICE agents uncovered a scheme to sell stolen night vision scopes on the Internet auction site eBay, according to federal indictments filed at the U.S. District Court in Honolulu. The eBay ad eventually led them to Hawaii and six Marines stationed there. By September 2008, undercover agents bought eight scopes in a sting that indictments state netted the arrests of Ronald Abram and five others, including Abingdon, Va., native Cpl. Mark Allen Vaught. Agents traced the scopes, which had the serial numbers filed off, to a Marine base.

Honolulu-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris A. Thomas said by telephone that Ronald William Abram and two others have decided to fight the charges in civilian federal court. Vaught and three others will allow a military court to hear their cases, he said.

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