Bite Them… HB444

BITE ME: We really should end the week with an emotionally satisfying rant suggesting the bigoted, homophobic, red-shirted troglodytes to shove their jesus and bible up their sociopathic asses so there won’t be room for that army of big hairy phalluses they apparently fear so much.

After all, it’s as obvious as it was a decade ago that you can’t fight the religious passion of mentally ill, deluded, heterosexual degenerates with clear rational logic and calmly reasoned arguments for civil rights…

I think you get the gist… but if you want to read more… I suggest you read Andy Parx post Bite Me.

One Response

  1. Uh, you mean HB 444, don’t you? Not 144?

    Damon – Doh! yes

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