Technology and Children… When is it Too Young?

Recently, Big Island blogger Tiffany Edwards Hunt posted a picture of her baby next to her laptop that stirred up a few emotional comments regarding the health of children.

Other people have recently commented that I shouldn’t place pictures of children on my blog. I guess I’ll push a few buttons here on this post.
When I was young, I remember going up to the local college and playing with the punch card machines and the huge computer systems when I was about 6-7 years old.

I continued playing in those same college computer labs for about 5 years while I lived next to the college. I remember the old apple [II] systems where I could spend hours playing loadrunner on them.


As I got older, I spent hours at the local arcades spending money on video games. If there was a video game to be found as I was growing up… I would find it. Whether it was on a ferry, a restaurant, a bowling alley or a corner store… I knew where all the video games were in town.

Now a days, we have home computers and video game consuls that you can play games at home. For some reason, I’ve never been much of a video game player… now that they are so easily available. However, I know many people that can’t get away from them.

When my son turned three, I bought him his first “Computer”. It’s a Vtech computer that cost about $40.00 bucks and while he was only 3 and didn’t understand how to use it that much… he enjoyed playing with it. Now he plays with it whenever he wants and knows exactly what he’s doing.


When he turned 3 and a half at Christmas time… We bought him a Vtech gaming consul. He loves this and would prefer to play the educational games that we purchased for him rather then watch TV.


This past Christmas, his grandma bought him a Vtech Camera which he uses all the time. This camera is not only a “Digital Camera” that can hold 1200 pictures with a memory card, it can also make movies and play childrens games.


You will often see him tagging along with me taking pictures of the same things I’m taking.

I myself didn’t even have a digital camera until about 7-8 years ago, and I know many people that still just feel comfortable wasting money and the environment with disposable cameras… but that’s a whole different story.

At what age is technology and computing too young for children?

Let my 4 year old son tell you a little bit about dismantling a computer and then you decide:


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  1. The computer that is the problem. It is what they connect to on the internet that disturbs me. Advertising and times wasting devices that try to get you to look at more advertising.

    My Dad worked with “computers” since 1965 and my first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 that you had to think to use. These computers had jobs to do; calculate this, write that. Today people are not using computers, they are using the internet, which is more like using a commercially sponsored library filled with bad, self published books.

    So let ’em use the computer, but keep them off the internet as much as possible.

    And kudos for getting your kid into the guts of it all.

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