Scam House “Win Hawaiian Essay House” Now Changes Oprah Wording on Contest

So the $100 Essay SCAM house is still up and running… However, now they have changed the wording on the Oprah Claims!  I can’t wait until they announce the winners of the house to learn more about them. ;)

This scam is run by Mark Samwick and I’ve blogged about it previously here as well as here (notice comments).


We decided that a little old weekend wasn’t enough, we want to share our paradise for longer!

So we’re giving away a WEEK stay at the Castle … instead of only a weekend.

Please share this link: We made it “mo betta”  8-)

Aloha and Mahalo.  In a climate of bad news, foreclosure, economic downturn, recession and other ugly and depressing words that bombard us daily, an inspirational story based on either of these words will win this custom-built, never-lived-in Hawaii dream home.  This concept deserves a look to inspire Americans. And for those in climates of FREEZING weather… well, the chance to live in paradise…?

AmeriCANS are coming up with creative ways to help ourselves (no bailout here), others (winner of the home) and our local schools (the beneficiaries of a substantial donation who are depending on our success.) There is a 1 in 6000 chance of winning the home – better than ANY state lottery.

Please see for yourself (an interview on SUNRISE, our local morning news show): and

Here’s the URL on WomenEntrepreneur:

We’ve offered Oprah an exclusive to award the home and the donation to the schools on her show. We can only hope she accepts.
Help us make history and not be a victim of the economy!

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! We CANNOT be successful UNLESS people know about it.
Feel free to forward (bcc) this email… actually – PLEASE… forward this email…. And come visit us in paradise…the castle is on the front of our community and our doors are always open. Aloha and Mahalo! A hui ho, John Williams

jeffs front of spec.jpgFRONT IS DONE WHEW.jpg

this is the sweetheart cottage (in progress!) BLOG:


MAHALO to our supporters who put a link to contest (more are coming!):

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