Officer Lee Named Officer of the Month (OMFG)

Oh the irony, the officer that didn’t want me to put her picture on my blog:

The Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii recognized Officer Jenny Lee on Thursday (March 26) as “Officer of the Month” for February.

Lee was honored during a luncheon ceremony at Coqui’s Hideaway Restaurant in Hilo for her diligent investigation that led to the arrest and subsequent charging of an identity theft offender. The suspect charged at least $36,000 with credit cards obtained using the victim’s identity.

Because of Lee’s investigation, Hilo detectives charged the suspect with 13 felony cases and three misdemeanors. Lee also documented other identity theft cases on Oahu stemming from the same suspect and his victim’s stolen identity.

As “Officer of the Month,” Lee is eligible for “Officer of the Year.”

I recognize this officer from somewhere... Congrat's Officer Lee

I recognize this officer from somewhere... Congrat's Officer Lee.

3 Responses

  1. Think Lee threatened the photographer at the ceremony, too? Heh.

  2. You can’t say I’m not an equal opportunity blogger. ;)

  3. Teh irony……

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