Police Locate Wanted Teen Ronsten Andrade


Hawai’i County police have located 17-year-old Ronsten K.¬†Andrade, who was wanted for an outstanding juvenile detention order issued by Family Court.

He was located in Puna on Monday (March 23).


2 Responses

  1. and oh yea congrats to pahoas’ finest!! a job well done!!!to bad they only got him with 1, not 2 of the probes from the taser…….but i did hear they mobbed him pretty good …….good trap they set……..my thanks go out to all the officers involved…….ataboys are due!

  2. about freakin’ time,maybe they’ll even charge him with stealing my 4rnr and all the other cars he stole and the armed robberies he and his girlfriend did in hilo..n….oh yea and the burgleries he did in puna too……we’ll see….,doubt it though cause there is talk about putting him in some kind of program for kids……..i hope it has something to do with reproducing,like not letting him….this guys is a prime example of 70th tri-messter abortions,and why they should be legal………we can only pray………..that enough people call the courts and demand that he gets whats comming ,not another slap on the hands!!

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