Real Men Eat Quiche… Bacon Quiche at the Ho’olaule’a Was the Bomb!

I just want to say Mahalo to whomever contributed the Bacon Quiche Pies to the Montesorri School Ho’olaule’a yesterday.

My Ohana bought THREE WHOLE PIES … they are that good!


The buggah get Broccolli, Cheeses, Bacon, Mushrooms and I don’t know what else… but this buggah stay ONO!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the quiche, Damon. You can thank Auntie Patti Nelson-Ka’ula. She basically ran our kitchen that day and has been making those quiche for the fundraiser for years.

    Damon – I am so gonna hit her up for the recipe! Thanks for the “Hat Tip”.

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