PBS Hawaii… South Points Connection to TV Land

CEO of PBS Hawaii Leslie Wilcox talks about some of the woes that it takes to get PBS Hawaii to the residents on the Southern tip of the Big Island.

Her most recent blog, “For Crying Out Loud, in South Point” she mentions:

…The only “free” TV is PBS Hawaii. We’re the only over-the-air broadcaster that spends time, energy and money to reach the under-served in a large southeastern area of Hawaii Island.

We do it through a series of translator stations, which pick up our signal in Hilo, and pass it along, all the way down to Na’alehu and South Point.  We must go to out-of-the-way places to build and maintain these translators…

PBS Hawaii is the only channel that I DVR now and I rarely watch television much these days.

I’m glad that the folks down in South Point don’t have to scream… “We want our MTV… err PBS”

New Edition of Hawaiian Idol VI: Brisa Anger

Another episode of Hawaiian Idol VI has been loaded:

Brisa Anger:


Real Men Eat Quiche… Bacon Quiche at the Ho’olaule’a Was the Bomb!

I just want to say Mahalo to whomever contributed the Bacon Quiche Pies to the Montesorri School Ho’olaule’a yesterday.

My Ohana bought THREE WHOLE PIES … they are that good!


The buggah get Broccolli, Cheeses, Bacon, Mushrooms and I don’t know what else… but this buggah stay ONO!

Cookie Cutter Shark Attack… Victim Attempting to Swim from Big Island to Maui

A Maui man trying to swim from the Big Island to Maui may instead become known for being the first living person bitten by a cookie-cutter shark


…Mike Spalding of Kula was attempting to become the third person known to cross the dangerous 30-mile Alenuihaha Channel when an undersea animal attacked him Monday night.

Spalding had already been swimming for four hours and 11 miles when the animal inflicted a superficial wound on his chest and then bit him in the calf a few seconds later, leaving a circular wound 3 inches in diameter and about 1 inch deep…


Cookie-cutter sharks grow up to 20 inches long and have razorlike teeth — a tiny set along its upper jaw and large, jagged teeth on its lower jaw, Naughton said.

They’re known as “sort of a mosquito of the sea” that live deeper than 1,000 feet during the day and cruise to the surface at night, Naughton said. They normally take bites out of open-ocean fish like ahi, mahimahi, Hawaiian monk seals, dolphins or whales…

…The only other incident Naughton knew of was in July 1992, when a drowned man had the distinctive, circular wounds of the cookie-cutter shark on his back…

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The Lonely Goat Herders From Kailua Kona

From the March 21st Kealakekua Ward Talent Show…

The Lonely Goat Herders: