Spring Break 2009… Kind of Early This Year?

Many places in the world seem to go crazy over the Spring Break festivities. I never really had any crazy spring break adventures or anything per say… not saying that I wish I hadn’t.


On Monday the kids go on spring break. At my previous job with the DOE, I didn’t really get time off during breaks other then the standard State holidays.

It will be a nice little break from the kids and it’s definitely an excellent opportunity to get over this flu thing I’ve had for the last couple days.

I do wonder what many of these kids that are in school during the weekdays will be doing during their break. School for many of them is a great way for them to be in a protected environment surrounded by people that care about their future.

The outside world can be a cruel place at times and I know from growing up myself, much of the trouble I got into was during times when school was not in session.

Of course then there is the time that I broke my arm just a couple days before my summer break and that pretty much ruined my break that year.

Funny thing is… I don’t ever remember Spring Break being this early in the year?

In 2009, spring fell on March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere.

I thought a break in something was typically towards the middle?

All this means… is it’s going to be that much longer until summer.

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