St. Patricks Drunk Dial 2009 Still Going On… Former Honoka’a Resident 2008 Winner

St. Patrick’s Day Drunk Dialing Contest still going on until March 23r, 2009.  Submit entries by calling 1-888-734-1285.

This St. Patrick’s Day, don’t Drink and Drive, Drink and Dial! You’ve heard of “Drunk Dialling”, we’re just taking it to a whole new level. We want you to call us TOLL FREE for St. Patrick’s Day and the funniest entry will win a prize. Yes, it’s that simple!

Tell us how you are enjoying St. Patrick’s Day, tell us what you are up to, tell us a story, or simply phone in and give a shout out to everyone on St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll publish every entry (as long as it does not contain any illegal content), and we’ll choose a winning entry!

This year we’ll even let you choose from a short list for a secondary prize.

Check out the full rules, last years’ entries and make sure to add the phone number to your cell phone!

The St Patrick’s Day Drunk Dial 2009, best of 5 years, are you ready for 2009? March 13-23 2009…. visit Saint Patricks Drunk Dial to   Spread the word and make it a phenomenon:


Last years winner is former Honoka’a, Hawaii resident Dan Niederloh:

Former Honoka'a resident Dan Niedendorf 2008 St. Patrick's Day Drunk Call Winner

Former Honoka'a, Hawaii resident Dan Niederloh was the 2008 Winner

“A fairy tale from Chicago, a toast to the great Saint, sent in from Honokaa, Hawaii by Dan Niederloh. He phoned after a 6 pack of Guinness and some Bushmills while being egged on by his children, whom he obviously raised well. The Saint salutes your original composition! Listen to Dan”

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