Pooki’s Cookies in Pahoa Now Has Website


I just noticed that Pooki’s Cookies in the Pahoa Market Place now has a website where you can order your baked goods online.

I myself think they are a bit overpriced… but heck… Everything is overpriced when you have been unemployed as long as I have been!

You can check out their website by clicking the logo below:


2 Responses

  1. Wow I was surprised when I saw that you said pooki’s was over priced.. I am not sure if you’ve eaten at many pahoa restaurants but I was so glad to see such a nice large selection of food all mostly under 3 dollars! Cheeseburgers for 1.49, hot dog for 1.19, my favorite, a huge chunk of coffee crumb cake for 1.39 or so! And the business is family owned, all the food made from scratch.. It is a truly amazing place to have hit pahoa town!

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