Which Button Looks Coolest?

A coalition of Big Island Bloggers are coming together to make a nice little site that will identify us as FBI Bloggers.

It will be available for the world to view after we are done making the adjusted tweaks.

I’d just like a general feel from a few people on which button you guys think would be coolest to have:

Button A:


Button B:


Button C:


[polldaddy poll=”1455872″]

5 Responses

  1. So you’re a full blooded Ilocano, it;s a gang in Waipahu, Oahu!

  2. “Busted for impersonating a blogger” — that’s hilarious!


  3. Or a “citizen journalist”.

  4. T-shirts with “Get interrogated by the FBI”…

    Damon – Knowing my luck… I’d get busted for impersonating a blogger.

  5. Not only is “A’ the coolest, but I can’t wait for Damon to start selling the hats…print the url on the band…I’ll be wearing it a lot.

    Damon – NOW THERE’S AN IDEA… Don’t forget about the Bumper Stickers!

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