Bills That Made the Cut: Crossover at the Legislature

From the Public Access Room at the State Capital:

Suzanne Marinelli Describes the Legislative Process at the Pahoa Library

Suzanne Marinelli Describes the Legislative Process at the Pahoa Library


Thursday, March 12th, was the First Crossover deadline for all non-Budget bills.

What does that mean?  All surviving non-budget bills have:

· passed through their committees, and

· three readings in their originating chamber, and have now

· crossed over to the other chamber. (That is to say, House bills are now being considered by the Senate, and Senate bills are now being considered by the House).

Two things to note:

1) It’s a good time to review which bills are still alive after First Crossover – this deadline really brings down the numbers, and only about 730 bills are still viable.  Many of them have changed substantially from when they were first introduced, so it’s a good opportunity to glance through the list of bills and their descriptions to make sure there are no surprises.

· To see the list of bills  on the legislature’s website ( ),  go to the “Bill Status and Documents” page and scroll down to the second-to-the-last box (labeled, “2009 Regular Session Bills Introduced, Passed, and Vetoed”) and select “Bills Passed First Crossover.”

· The list includes bill descriptions, current status, current referrals, and names of introducers.  You can view the current text of a bill (by clicking either the .pdf   or the .html  symbols that appear in the far left column) or a bill’s status sheet (by clicking on the bill number).

· The list is easy to export to Excel  — which makes handy for creating your own customized list.

2) Things are moving quickly!  Make sure to keep your eyes open for hearing notices.  By March 27th, all bills must be in their last committee.  That’s less than two weeks away!  (For tips on finding hearing notices, take a look at our February newsletter available on PAR’s website.

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