The Next Scam to Hit? Maui Land Being Sold at Square Foot Parcels for $9.99 (Deed Included)

So it looks like we have another scam type of a thing where if it sounds too good to be true… well then it probably is.

Now, for the first time YOU can legally own one square foot of land on the beautiful Island of Maui.

This property is located along the spectacular Hana Coast of Maui.

You will own one square foot of 83,635 square feet. The breath-taking views of Haleakala Crater, the ocean and an incredible waterfall are eye-catching.

A unique and lasting gift for anyone.

Give yourself an award. What a thrill to own property, of any size, on Maui.

The land will be in conservation and protected for all time. No buildings, just gorgeous, lush greenspace in all it’s jungle splendor.

Now, without fear of foreclosure, dealing with banks or lenders, you can own your piece of paradise. One easy, unbelievable low payment of $9.99 gets you ownership of one square foot of Maui. You become a steward of the ‘aina.

And on top of that… they send you this DEED… or should I say… “Dead”.

Of course there are a few legal disclaimers such as:

The Grantee shall not make any improvements to or develop the parcels. Grantee shall not occupy the parcel. Grantee grants rights of ingress and egress over the parcels. This non-recordable Maui Land Deed is a novelty item and is not to be used for investment purposes. Grantee shall not receive any income or derive any other financial benefits whatsoever from the parcel or any portion thereof. Grantor is managing agent of the property and will be responsible for all real estate taxes on the property and for complying with any and all local regulations. Grantor reserves the right to relocate granted parcels to another comparable Maui parcel. Grantor reserves the right to buy back the parcel for full price paid and you keep the deed as a gift from us to you. Grantor must, before November 1, 2009, exercise this option to buy back the parcels. The number of parcels sold will not exceed the number in the property. Menehune Land Sales LLC will not develop or improve the property, except with state and local government approval.

But seriously folks… If any of you folks want the same deal in my backyard… I’ll give it to you for half the price… Deed included. :roll:

If you want to see the bogus offer yourself… you can click here. Don’t blame me if you buy the piece of property and it’s got a sinkhole on it though.

Did I mention I have a “Singing Bridge” for sale?


4 Responses

  1. Not sure why you have such a sh**y attitude towards this. I kind of like the idea. $9.99 to own a square foot of Maui seems better than buying a star! Why not?

    • Send $10.00 bucks to my P.O. box and I’ll give you the same deed with a pineapple on top of it here on the big island. When you come visit… You can even have the pineapple… If I can remember which plot is yours.

      Oh that’s right… you’ll have the deed.

      Send me $50.00 and I’ll find you a coconut tree.

  2. So wait, is this just $9.99 for a certificate? I don’t get it, with all those stipulations? It’s probably like being a foster parent to a child in another country… you’re their “parent” but not really.

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