“Operation Yellowjacket” Hits Hawaii… It’s Bogus Folks

The Michigan State Police (MSP) wants citizens to know that a widely distributed e-mail message about a “31-day speeding ticket frenzy” in Michigan titled “Operation Yellow Jacket” is completely false.

There is no such effort underway at this time, or any time in the future, to generate revenue through the issuance of traffic citations. Citizens should regard the “Operation Yellow Jacket” warning as nothing more than an urban legend.

As a reminder, MSP traffic enforcement initiatives always involve a uniformed officer in a marked patrol vehicle.

Versions of this e-mail have been circulating in cyberspace for a few years. The recent addition of Operation Yellow Jacket comes from a work-zone safety enforcement effort conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. Several other states including California, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas have also been targeted in this hoax.

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