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I’m gonna try something new… and that is to throw up password protected posts every now and then.  Of course I’ll send the password to my advertisers…  It’s more or less a test of this blogging service  to see what I could and couldn’t do if I really wanted to.

Major news outlets are starting to charge for their news… I won’t ever do that.  But if you are my friend and want to read some of the password protected posts that I may start throwing up on my site every now and then… shoot me an email.

You probably aren’t missing anything you don’t already know in that “Pakalolo” post below… but if you do want the password to it… give me an email:  damontucker @

Protected: My Pakalolo Rant

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Why Are So Many Big Island Residents Getting Ripped Off?

I have come to the conclusion, that there are a few people on the island that are ripping off a bunch of our residents by charging them ridiculous  prices for internet web sites.

People… it’s free to set up your own blog/website! (this blog is free!)

If you can send an email off… you can set up your own site!  Need help… ask me… I’m not gonna charge you like the majority of these people banking off our residents.

I even give free 24/7 customer service!  Geez… why do people allow themselves to get ripped off so easily?

I heard a story that someone actually got paid $1000.00 to set up an online Puna devoted paper!  Holy SHIT!  For $1000.00 I could set up the entire island with blogs…. I’d just use the money as gas money to get to the peoples houses!

Some day… I’ll find my niche… but it won’t be at the cost of our own community!

Todays New York Times on Twitter

“The Internet has revolutionized society by giving anyone an instant and unfiltered outlet for self-expression. But it has also turned journalism into a year-round, ever-updated “Dear Friends and Family” Christmas newsletter…”

…Some argue that Twitter has value as a news source, and note that the first snapshots of the Turkish Airlines jet after it crashed near Amsterdam on Wednesday were transmitted via Twitter. But those crash photos could have gotten out just as quickly if sent by cellphone to another Web site. It’s tempting to dismiss Twitter fever as a passing fad, the Pokémon of the blogosphere. But it’s beginning to look more like yet another gateway drug to full-blown media narcissism.

It’s not just television, of course. Ordinary people, bloggers and even columnists and book authors, who all already have platforms for their views, feel compelled to share their split-second aperçus, no matter how mundane…

More here

Pahoa Neighborhood Playground


The Pahoa Skatepark playground is almost complete.  They just have to fill in some concrete and it will be ready for use.


It is located right in front of the Skatepark


Total cost of taxpayer money: $71,322

Construction time:  October 14, 2008 – February 26th, 2009


I just had a small case of Deja Vu


I used to see limousines all the time on Oahu, but very rarely have I seen them on the Big Island… at least on this side of the Big Island.


You see them all the time on the “wealthy” side of the island


I believe this is the FIRST time I have ever seen a limousine in PAHOA!

Big Island Pre-Season Softball Tournament: Day 3 Rain Delay… Pictures

Today was the final day of the Big Island Pre-Season Softball Tournament.


The day started out as a great day to play ball with the clouds just slightly overcast.


The first game saw Keaau defeating the home team Pahoa 10 – 4.



The second game scheduled was Pahoa vs. Ka’u



My niece at the plate:


Pahoa was up by a few runs when the overcast sky quickly turned into a little rain.


From a nice day, the rain quickly turned into a downpour and the Umpire pulled the players off the field.


The final game this afternoon that  is scheduled to start in 30 minutes,  will feature the girls from Waiakea


Against their cross town rivals the Hilo Vikings


I dug out as soon as the Monsoon hit so I don’t even know the results to the Pahoa vs. Kau game as of this posting.

To see day one highlights, click here

Click on the pictures below for larger image.

Wellspring Hawaii Seeking Overweight Kids

Imagine spending the summer volcano hiking and surfing the Big Island of Hawaii. Wellspring Hawaii, among the most effective weight loss programs for teens, is offering campers the opportunity to enjoy these exciting activities while learning how to live healthier lifestyles. The program is now enrolling campers for four-, six- and eight-week sessions, which begin June 21.

Designed exclusively for boys and girls ages 11-24, Wellspring Hawaii teaches campers how to achieve long-term weight loss success during a fun-filled summer vacation at a secluded retreat nestled on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Campers lose an average of four pounds per week by learning how to prepare low-fat meals and achieving 10,000 steps a day through walks, hikes and a variety of adventure-based activities such as snorkeling, surfing, sea kayaking, beach volleyball and aerobics.

More Here


Wellspring Hawaii is the world’s most effective fitness and weight loss program in paradise. With lush rainforests, diverse marine life, active volcanoes and world renowned surf, Hawaii is a unique experience for all. Young men and women ages 11-24 from Asia, Australia, and North America convene with experienced staff for a summer of success and memories to last a lifetime. Campers master the skills necessary for long term weight control while participating in an array of fun and exciting activities as diverse as Hawaii itself.  College age campers enjoy Wellspring Hawaii’s separate Upper Camp program…

Wellspring Hawaii Website

Meet the Flintstones… Yabba Dabba Doo Hawaii Tribune

Yesterday, I posted a blog asking the local papers to make it a bit more enjoyable:

“Is there any way that you folks can make your articles a bit more entertaining to read?”

I must say… I had to laugh this morning at one of the headlines on the front page of the print version… (I’ll give you Tribune Readers more on this since I actually saw this long before it was in the paper)

“Meet the Flintstones”


Although it is an AP generated article… at least it gave me a good laugh and a reason to read the rest of the article.

It is to bad that the Hawaii Tribune can’t provide more to it’s readers… Like an actual link to the EBAY auction on the “Flintstones House” for auction.  But if your interested in at least seeing the listing… I’ll provide it here.

You can also see an actual video of it here:


This is exactly what I was talking about by making the paper a bit more entertaining to read… and while your at… could make it more interactive (well at least the online version of the Tribune… BUT WAIT… The article isn’t even listed in the ONLINE Version!)

Of course the caption in the picture that was on the front page also kind of cracked me up:

“The Ngs were awaiting delivery of a bag of Waipio Valley Poi”

I’m not sure what that had to do with the article about cigarette smoking… but it sure added a bit more of a personal touch to the picture then just a normal caption might.

Is it Really Past Nine?

My wife and son went to Kona for the weekend and left me at home.

Today is the first time in a long time I didn’t have my son waking me up at 6:30 in the morning telling me he was hungry and ready to watch “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast”.

I just looked at the clock… OMG!!! It’s 9:20 in the morning.

I can’t remember the last time I slept in this late… I have so much online stuff to catch up on… but I’m feeling lazy… so I think I’m gonna just cruise for a while.

Is it really freaking 9:20?

Damon Dollars… Another Smuck Idea

I have sent an email off to the few folks that participated in my “Damon Dollars” attempt at getting some kala to let them know that I’m returning their dollars and thanking them for participating.

I have a few ideas going through my head for a “new page”… however, I want to work some things through before I start up with it.

I’d hate for my blog to become just another “blog”…  so I’m looking for a new twist on something.  If you have any ideas on a new “page” at the top of my blog… I’m always willing to listen.

I will not allow my blog to become something like the Big Island Chronicle has become.  This is my blog… and I hope people come here to see my  blog and not what other people are too lazy to post on their own.

There are a lot of “message boards” out on the internet.  Some folks need to understand the difference between a “community board” and a “blog”.

I hope those same folks won’t get pissed at me for expressing these thoughts on my blog.

Why are Big Island folks so slow to realize that it only takes 5-10 seconds to post a thought… and for that matter… less then 3 minutes to start your own blog????