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Quality Tattoos, Friendly Environment, Great Price… Rudedogg Tattoos in Pahoa

Rude Dog Sign

Rudedogg Tattoos in Pahoa


Tues-Saturdays (Sunday and Monday by appointment only)

A few months ago I mentioned that Rudedogg Tattoos was one of the shops that got ripped off during a rash of break-ins through out Pahoa Town.

You know a business is a good business when they are able to rapidly recover after such a devastating loss.

The owner of the shop has let me know that they are offering another special coming up for St. Patricks Day.  Buy one $250 tattoo and receive a $100 tattoo for free!  Beginning March 1st through the end of March.


A clean, sterile atmosphere is a must for any tattoo parlor and Rudedoggs is a very clean place.

Rudedogg Chair

They really take there time with their work and I have heard nothing but good things about this local establishment.  I just wish I wasn’t afraid of getting a dang tattoo.


Some day I’ll get the guts to get one… and I know where I’ll be heading to have it done.

3 Responses

  1. pam, july is always special !! : ) see ya then

  2. Oh almost forgot – what the specials for July? :-)

    Damon – I don’t control the specials. If I did… they would be free.

  3. Damon – We’ve booked our flights for July to come to Rudedogg just to add to our tats. Don’t be chichen come an join us for u’re 1st tat. Rudedogg we’ll see you in July. Pics coming u’re way this weekend! Cheers to all!

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