Tornado Off Big Island Yesterday???

Did anyone in the Kohala area see a possible Tornado or weird wind system on that side of the Big Island yesterday?

I was working yesterday, so I am only now catching up with some of my Twitter Feeds.

I just noticed this series of Tweets from Big Island Video News yesterday:

# just missed filming tornado about 20 hours ago from mobile web

# small one of Kohala coast… could see it from Kohala Mountain… NOT confirmed about 20 hours ago from mobile web

# looked like the harbor area… I’ll try to confirm with mayor in a few minutes. Looked just like Oahu tornado. about 20 hours ago from mobile web

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  1. Here’s the Milolii tornado damage. Blew a home off its foundation.

  2. It also could have been a waterspout come ashore.

    One stripped all the leaves from the trees along the Old Kona Airport runway in the late 1970s. That was also the suspected culprit for a funnel that pulled the roof off a carport in Hilo several miles from the shore six or seven years ago.

  3. I’ve seen these large dust devils before, no flying cows or golf carts. Here’s video of one in Waikoloa I shot.

    It may not seem so big, until you see the cement truck roll down the road and you can realize it was pretty tall, and I got the video late, it was much darker and spinning pretty good when I first saw it.

    I seen and shot video of damage in Milolii in the past where a tornado ripped open a home then plowed a path through the forest. My computer is busted so I can’t post that video till later.

    Damon – Nice footage. I still for some idiotic reason think it would be fun to be swept up in one… at least a few feet off the air and spun around a few times.

  4. I better try and clarify.

    My use of the word “tornado” may have been a poor choice. But it was definitely a MASSIVE dust devil. I have no idea how long it was going. I was driving up Kohala Mountain Road, and I saw it turning the corner down by the shoreline (on land)… it was so big, it was a dark brown color, thicker and the bottom and tapering off towards the top. It was not coming from a cloud, it was a clear day. Hence, dust devil, I guess. But it looked like it was going to do some damage, and it was so big, I had to look up to see the top of it, while I stood on the mountain.

    Of course, I pulled over (with some other drivers… in a safe spot, which isn’t easy to find on the mountain road) pulled the video camera out, started filming… and all I got was red dust in the air… the twister had stopped.

    Interesting tidbit… at the time the twister was going, the wind on the mountain was ROARING! (had to be at least 50 mph, maybe more… I had trouble standing) For the first time, I actually thought getting blown off of the mountain was a possibility. It was scary. But once the twister dissipated, the wind subsided too.

    I asked the mayor if he had heard anything, he said no. It couldn’t have been very serious.

    I then drove down to the harbor, and talked to some local people, who said they didn’t see it, but that it is not uncommon.

    In fact, they said Kohala is known for that sort of thing, and that those dust devils can cause damage.

    Thats my story… and now I live with the fact that I just wasn’t quick enough to film the actual twister in action. Shame! It was incredible to see though. Glad no one was reported hurt.

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