*Update #2* Should Gambling Be Legalized in Hawaii?… POLL

*Update #2*

Now the results have swung a bit more here are the current results:

Yes 63% (17 votes)
No 30% (8 votes)
Only on Hawaiian Homelands 7% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 27

Voting is still open for those who haven’t voted.  The voting service that I’m using only allows one vote per IP address, so sorry to those with multiple people in their house who may read my blog.

Interesting results coming in.  Just one vote separates the main two choices.  Poll will remain open for about a week and I’ll bump this every few days just in case you don’t get a chance to see it the first few times it’s listed.

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3 Responses

  1. Let’s put it to the PEOPLE in the form of a vote on a ballot: Let’s see how the PEOPLE of Hawaii feel about this hot topic. Let’s not leave it to the 4 police chiefs, prosecutor, and “religious groups” to speak for the majority of the PEOPLE.

  2. Did I say “NO”! Well I mean NO!

  3. Gambling will cheapen our tourist brand. The loads of money won’t be worth the loss of worth in tarnishing our reputation for an interesting place to visit for nature and culture.

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