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1000th Comment

Aaron Stene over at the Kona Blog just made a comment on my blog regarding the Time Warner Internet speeds planned for the Hualalai community.

The comment was a great comment in the fact that his comment was the 1000th comment from a “Real Person” (meaning not someone just attempting to spam my blog).

Of course Aaron was letting me know that he had covered something before I started blogging, so I feel kind of stupid about writing the blog, but that’s how life goes!

Aaron Stene and Hunter Bishop were two of the first people to add me to their blogrolls and I probably never would have kept blogging had I not gained some immediate readers from their blogs.

Aaron and I are both hard headed and we will go back and forth on our East side vs. West side arguments… but he knows I’m right (at least on my blog I have the final say) lol :lol:

The buggah recently came all the way over from Kona to Puna  just to see… Not me.  Can you believe it… I mean I was literally probably less then 1 minute away from him at any given time and he could have called… but he doesn’t have my number. :wink:

Just playing Aaron… next time.

I appreciate all the comments that I have gotten.  I can’t believe the number is that high.  I guess I’m not the only person in the world that can’t resist from making comments on things!


One Response

  1. Let me be the 1001st, congrats your hard work is paying off!

    Damon – What… THREE Damon Dollar?

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