New Big Island Message Board Starting Up

A new message board has started up that is based out of Puna, however, the subject matter is not just specific to Puna.

There are many features on the board, so getting used to it may take a little while for some people to get used to.

I’ll be posting stuff not related to my blog on that site since I’m not limited in what I can post there.


If you want to check it out… you can at PunaOnline

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  1. Damon;
    Monday morning…dragged my azz to work hoping to offer up fresh coffee for the Wild Ones at PunaOnline, only to find that company network blocks the site…DENIED!
    Hope to check in later from home. Crackberry has browser but its like reading sites created by gnats for gnats. Meantime, please pass Aloha for me to folks in Puna and wishes for a super Monday.

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