U.S. & Japan Negotiating in Hawaii Over Opening up Whaling in Certain New Areas

The United States is initiating a closed-door negotiation that could open up new areas to whale hunting for the first time in decades, part of an attempt to end a long-standing impasse over whaling limits with Japan, the world’s most avid whaling nation…
…Faced with the reality that Japan and its allies have continued to hunt whales and have succeeded in blocking new conservation efforts, commission Chairman William Hogarth — an appointee of President George W. Bush — has been trying this weekend in Hawaii to craft a pact that would permit a new type of “coastal whaling” in exchange for a commitment by Japan to scale back its “scientific” whale hunts…

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William Hogarth

William Hogarth

2009 Hawaii Legislature

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UPDATED (See Below): Miss Hawaii Contestant Nicole Fox’s Dress Falls Off After Performance at Miss USA Pageant

Tonight at 8PM on TLC Channel 331:

Tune-in SATURDAY JANUARY 24th @ 8pm E/P to watch the 2009 Miss America Pageant LIVE – only on TLC.

I just read the following:

…Miss Hawaii Nicole Fox drew cheers as she performed a traditional Tahitian dance, wearing a huge white feathered headdress and skirt to match. After she exited, part of her skirt remained on the stage

Here is her promo for the pageant:


The following video is from her crowning of the 2008 Miss Hawaii Contest:



Here is the actual performance of the dance. Of course TLC cut’s off the part where she loses her dress:


Clarification on the Smuck Hall of Fame

People… I know what a “sCHmuck” is!


This “Smick” goes out to everyone that tries to remind me that “Smuck” should be “Schmuck”.


As a reminder, I wrote an earlier blog on the meaning of the award that you can read here.

TODAY: Waikoloa Village Art Show… Saturday, Jan. 24th

Thirty nine artists have entered the Waikoloa Art Center’s art show!

There will be over seventy pieces of art in a wide array of media: watercolor, oil, sculpture, paper, photography, gourds, and fabric. What a wonderful response, and it is all to share with our friends and neighbors for their enjoyment and to support our Waikoloa Village artists.

10 AM TO 6 PM
68-1792 Melia St., in the Administration Building.

Some artworks will be for sale and contact information for all artists will be available. Artists are docenting, so you will be able to meet artists, too.

Come join us for a fun event!

Exact location of WVA Community Room http://tinyurl.com/WVACommunityRoom