Non-Profit Entity Proposing to Construct and Provide Water for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

I was just looking at the agenda of the upcoming Department of Water Supply Water Board Meeting that is coming up on January 27th and noticed the following:

5) PUNA:

Na Kupa‘a O Kuhio (NKK), a non-profit entity, is proposing to construct and provide water for the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ Makuu subdivision in the district of Puna.
The proposed agreement specifies the number of water credits and percentage of Facility Charges credits they will receive for the construction of the water system. The water system will consist of a deepwell, pump and meter, reservoir, and transmission mains.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the Water Board approve the “Water Credits Agreement, Makuu Hawaii,” and that either the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson be authorized to execute the Agreement subject to review and approval by Corporation Counsel.

There are lots of other proposals planned for this meeting. The above one is the only one that caught my eye in particular.

To see some the full agenda, click here.

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