So Cold the Coquis are Quiet

I just got an interesting tweet from a fellow Big Island resident.

I didn’t really notice it until now.

But it’s so cold… the coquis are quiet!  Too cold to chirp?

I’ll tell you one thing though… I got this damn cricket in my house that’s still driving me nuts and the only reason why I probably can hear it… is because the coquis are being quiet.

2 Responses

  1. You’re right….not a single one making a sound! OK, I guess this cold weather is FINE. If it keeps up, think the coquis will disappear?

    Damon – My gut feeling is that they are all huddled up in a big orgy keeping warm and creating more little ones. ;)

  2. It’s wonderful – I can hear the ocean again. Perhaps spraying the yard with dry-ice might be the solution in the future.

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