What’s New Hawaii County

I got to give a hand to the new Kenoi Administration for working hard on updating the county on what has been going on of late. While the Counties website itself is still archaic the information being provided of late is solid.

If you haven’t checked out theĀ  “What’s New” section of their website, you will find many things have been added and updated since Kenoi’s administration has taken over.

I mentioned previously that the County would soon be getting an updated website previously. It looks like they are tying lose ends and getting ready to upgrade soon enough.

It will be nice to see what the new layout looks like and how user friendly it might be.

Mahalo Mayor Kenoi for keeping things open and easily accessible.

(I’ve even been seeing updates on projects that were done long before Kenoi’s administration took over… yet it’s only getting taken care of now)

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