Storm Updates:

I’m trying out some twitter feeds on this storm… but I’m not sure what the ping reply time is between wordpress and twitter so I may just pull the twitter feed if I don’t find it suitable.


Lingle Closes State Offices Tomorrow… Does This Include the Big Island?

I just got the following tweet from the former Starbulletin Webmaster:

“Just got the call: Lingle has closed state offices tomorrow. OHA administrator followed suit.”

Curious if this includes the Big Island. Will find out more and post as soon as I can.

I just received this tweet from a UH Hilo professor that states:

The “State Employee” stories I’ve read have been unclear. Read the state release & Hawai’i island employees are not getting off tomorrow.

State Capitol to Shut Down Tomorrow

*update* It’s now official.

Just got a tweet that said:

“Hawaii State Capitol will be shut down tomorrow due to weather…”

Kua o Ka La Charter School on Big Island Closed Tomorrow

So far this is the only school that I have heard that is closing on the Big Island tomorrow due to the pending weather.

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