Go Daddy… Gone Down?

Ok… Thanks to Jon, I think I’ve narrowed the internet problem down to just “Go Daddy” sites.

Has Go Daddy Gone Down?

4 Responses

  1. Punaweb is working for me again.

  2. I have a Deluxe hosting account at GD and it is affected (http://www.bestsitegames.com).

  3. My site is parked at go daddy and it’s up and running ( http://www.hphhawaii.org/ ) – punaweb, however, seems to be down and out. I have no idea where Rob parked it when he moved it from Australia – somewhere in Arizona? Amazing how disconnected I feel without Punaweb.

  4. LOL…

    Not all GoDaddy sites are down…
    http://www.Punaonline.com is still up. ;)

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