Hawaiian Beaches Action Team Working Hard for the Community

The Hawaiian Beaches Action Team has been doing quite a bit for the Puna community of late with little or NO press at all.


I’m not real familiar with this great crew of people but I do believe it’s steer headed by former House Candidate Fred Blas.


This past weekend, the team held the very successful Ohana Fun day at Kurtistown Park.  They even gave away child booster seats at the event!

Other recent actions by the Hawaiian Beaches Action Team are building this bus stop for the keiki to be protected by the rain when waiting for the buses off of Kahakai.


I think most of us all remember the old Pahoa Town Sign that was in front of the church off the main drag through town that kept getting the “P” ripped off so the sign would constantly say “ahoa”.

Well the action team has even stepped up to the plate and recently worked on upkeep of the beautiful new signs that Pahoa has now.


I’d just like to say Mahalo to Fred Blas and the Hawaiian Beaches Action Team for not only making a difference in Hawaiian Beaches… but for Puna in general.

Hat tip to a Texan in Hawaii.

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  1. Just so you know… not only are they maintaining those signs, The Action Team put the new signs in place a while back.

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