Pahoa Biology Students Create Mitosis Video Influenced by Weird Al Yankovich

I just noticed this youtube clip by a Pahoa High Schools Biology class instructed by Mr. Banta.

Its a cross between weird al and weird science!

I like it guys!

In under 2 minutes, you’ll understand Mitosis! Art by Mr. Banta’s biology classes at Pahoa High in Hawaii.”


American Idol Part II: Legislative Aide RJ Hampton Does the Obama Inauguration Rap

Earlier today at the PCMC grand opening, 5th District Councilwoman Emily Naeole’s Legislative aides RJ Hampton and Sativa pulled me aside to let me know that RJ had a little “Gift” if you will. I was a bit hesitant, but with RJ and Sativa you never know what you are going to get. So they pulled me aside and this is what I videotaped:

She’s quite a talented legislative aide I must say. I also joked with them for a moment or two and I had to explain how I found the video with RJ singing to Presidential Candidate Kucinich.

I’m not sure which is better?


County Gives $35,000 Contribution to Puna Community Medical Center… Grand Opening Pictures


The much needed Puna Community Medical Center had it’s grand opening today. More then 100-200 people packed in the Pahoa Marketplace for this joyous occasion.

Mayor Kenoi surprised the clinic with a $35,000 check from the County of Hawaii.

Hunter Bishop holds up check for $35,000!

Hunter Bishop holds up check for $35,000!

The cast of the upcoming musical RENT was on hand to perform a few numbers from the production.


As well as local musicians.


Government officials were on hand for the dedication that has been a long time coming.

Keep your paws off of me cuz!

Keep your paws off of me cuz!

Dr. Dan Domizio has done so much to get this open that everyone in the community should really give him a pat on the back the next time you see him.


A good time was had by all and I’m glad that this vision Dr. Domizio had, finally has happened.

The board members below also deserve a big round of applause.


BIVN has great video coverage of the ceremony here.

Click on pictures for larger version:

Ooklah the Moc to Play at Next Weeks UH Hilo Ho’olaulea

Oahu reggae band Ooklah the Moc will be playing next weeks UH Hilo Ho’olaulea.

ooklahthemocOoklah has long been a favorite group of mine.  I’ve partied with a few of the members and they are a real cool group of dudes.


This is a performance from Ooklah’s gig last night at Pipeline Cafe on Oahu:


The Ho’olaulea in itself brings back memories for me, as in 1996 I was a student government senator and I was in charge of the PR for the Ho’olaulea.  That year, we were fortunate enough to get Na Hoku Hanohano award winner Na Leo Pilimehana.


We had IZ scheduled, but health complications forced him to cancel with less then a month until the Ho’olaulea was scheduled.  Less then 3 months later, he scheduled two concerts at the Crown Room in Hilo that I was fortunate enough to help promote.  This was IZ last performance on the Big Island before he passed away.


Here is the schedule for Saturday’s Ho’olaulea located at UH Hilo:

8am Break Thru Adventures Rummage Sale – UCB 127

11am Noho Hewa film presentation – UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

12n – 9pm Live Entertainment – Campus Center Plaza
* Mixjah
* Hawaiian Roots Band
* Ooklah the Moc & BW
* Tupulaga O Samoa Mo A Taeao (Samoan Club)
* Marshallese “Iakwe” Club
* Keaomalamalama Hawaiian Club
* ‘Ai Pohaku

3pm Noho Hewa film presentation – UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

Featuring ono kine food booths, craft vendors, community information and cultural awareness displays in the Campus Center dining hall. There’ll be a new car show on the library lanai and motorcycles in the parking lot!

Special feature is Keikiland with games, crafts, water slide and a rock climbing wall in the Campus Center’s lower yard … all Keikiland activities are FREE! Adults can enjoy the water slide and rock climbing wall too!

More info next week with the list of vendors and booths! For further information, contact the Campus Center office, 974-7499.

Island Naturals Market & Deli Opens in Kona

Hat tip to The Kona Times:

Click to Enlarge

“The natural foods store in Hilo has now opened at market and deli in Kona’s Old Industrial, across the street from Trojan Lumber.”

More pictures and info here

Rat Lungworm Prevention Meeting… The Video

BIVN has now posted a video from yesterdays meeting on the Rat Lungworm disease that recently got three puna residents sick and landed one in an Oahu hospital in a coma.

I also found this copy of a Hawaii Tribune Herald article that was republished on a web forum. (Dave Smith… was this authored by you?)

“Parmarion martensi, a brown slug that can reach about 2 inches in length, can be harmful because the mollusk is a known carrier of a disease-causing parasite, a nematode called angiostrongylus or rat lungworm, that can cause meningitis, pulmonary disease or gastrointestinal illness.

But who goes around eating slugs?

When they hatch, the slugs are very small and can cling to homegrown produce such as lettuce, said Rob Hollingsworth, an entomologist with the Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center in Hilo.

If produce is not washed and inspected thoroughly, there is a chance slugs could go undetected.

The slug was known to be present on Oahu as early as 1996 but its presence was not confirmed on the Big Island until June 2004. Today, say health officials, it seems to be more prevalent on the Big Island.

There were some reports of residents accidentally ingesting slugs on home-grown lettuce and becoming ill, Hollingsworth said.

“The species, we think, is native to Southeast Asia,” Hollingsworth said. “It could have gotten here on imported plants or it could have come from Oahu. I don’t think there is a way to eradicate it at this point.”

There are other types of mollusks in Hawaii, such as the Cuban slug, that can carry the parasite, Hollingsworth said, but the new slug is considered a pest for several reasons, he said.

“This one seems to be adventurous. It climbs on houses and water tanks.” Hollingsworth said. It’s also been found in cat and dog food bowls.

In one instance, a man drained his entire water tank after finding slugs in his water supply.

“The biggest message out of this is you really need to wash your vegetables really well. Getting sick from this parasite is preventable. That really is the primary message,” said Sarah Park, deputy chief for the Disease Outbreak Control Division of the Department of Health.

Jacqueline Hahn, a naturopathic physician whose office is in downtown Hilo, said she has treated eight patients with the parasite over the past three years.

“It’s a parasite that doesn’t complete its life cycle in the human body,” she said. The body attacks the foreign parasite and damage is caused by the body’s own immune response system, she said.

Cortisone can be used to treat those suffering ill effects but there is no known cure, she said.

Hollingsworth said the severity of the symptoms depends on how many nematodes are ingested.

The eight cases had varied outcomes, Hahn said, adding the parasite can cause hives, high fever, extreme rashes, and pain in the skin, eyes, head or joints. She said patients suffered from neurological problems as well.

“The potential for permanent damage is great,” she said, adding the majority of cases seem to be from Puna. “It is definitely a growing problem.”

Hahn stressed the importance of aggressively washing produce, and seeking medical help if these symptoms occur. She said a blood test can determine if the parasite is present in the body.

It is unknown how long the symptoms from the parasite last, Hahn said.

“I’ve seen several patients three years later who are still in pain,” she said.”

Puna Community Medical Center Grand Opening TODAY

The Puna Community Medical Center will have it’s Grand Opening today.


“The event, scheduled from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., is open to the public, and will feature live music, food, and a blessing.”

It is located on the right hand side of the Pahoa Market Place.


Silly Sunday


Hawaii 5-0 Co-Star Harry Endo Passes Away at 87

Harry Endo, the actor who played a forensic scientist on the long-running TV show ”Hawaii Five-0,” has died at the age of 87.

Family members say he suffered a stroke and died at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Endo played the character ”Che Fong” on the popular show. He was one of the original cast members on the crime drama that began in 1968…

Jack Lord, Harry Endo and Kam Fong

Jack Lord, Harry Endo and Kam Fong

More Here

I previously blogged about my wifes uncles role on Hawaii 5-0 here.