Backstage at Tonights Andy Bumatai Show

If you missed tonights Andy Bumatai show, it was one of the better ones that I have seen in a long time.

It featured local news anchors Diane Ako, Ron Mizutani and Dan Meisenzahl.

Bumatai is a big time fan of Twitter. His twitter address is @Andy_Bumatai and he actually answered a few twitter questions on his show tonight. I didn’t send any in… but I sure thought about it.

After the show I twitted him that it was a great show and he replied with a photo album of the show. It’s a great little photo album and it gives you a great insight to the making of the show.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the album:

Ron Mizutani, Diane Ako, Dan Meisenzahl talk to Andy Bumatai

Ron Mizutani, Diane Ako, Dan Meisenzahl talk to Andy Bumatai

You can check out the Andy Bumatai Show website, but if you want a direct link to tonights pictures, you can view them here.

Andy Bumatai is hilarious and if you haven’t checked out his show, I recommend you do.

First Time I’ve Really Been Excited About A President Leaving

This is the first time I’ve ever really been excited about a president leaving office.

Its not only that I’m against a lot of what the Shrub(s) have done while in office, it’s the fact that I think were getting a great president coming into office.

I’m working on a countdown to “Bush being out of office” statement that I’ll put up on the corner of my blog.  It might not be noticeable at first what is happening… but it will be eventually.

Hawaii Electronic Music Festival Kicks-Off Tomorrow

*update* Beginning Tomorrow!


I was just down at the Drive-Inn at Kalapana and I noticed a poster on the window for the Hawaii Electronic Music Festival.

It’s happening at three seperate venues on the Big Island from January 8-11.


“The Hawaii Electronic Music Festival is a gathering of creative minds who share our love for the Island and our passion for life. It’s a place for those of us, who dance to a different beat. Embrace the world and follow your dreams. Bring an open mind, a good attitude and a smile on your face.”

The list of artists/performers can be found here.

Thursday, January 8th the festival will be having it’s opening party at the Pahoa Village Cafe.

Friday, January 9th, the festival moves over to the west side of the island next to the Kamehameha Beach Hotel at the Mixx Bistro at 7 pm.

Saturday, January 10th the festival will be going on at the historic Palace Theater in downtown Hilo.

Sunday, January 11th the festival closes down at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat down in Kalapana. Beginning at10:15 AM and lasting most of the day.

Ticket information can be found here.

More information on the website here.

Today’s KO

Maybe this should go under today’s idiot?

State Plans to Poison Wild Honey Bees in Hilo… Eat No Public Honey For Three Weeks

The state Department of Agriculture plans to poison wild honey bee hives in Hilo as an emergency measure to stop a growing infestation of bee-killing varroa mites, and warns the public against eating honey from wild hives over the next three weeks

More Here

Continental Successful Using Jatropha as Jet Fuel

A few weeks ago I blogged about how Continental Airlines was planning to use jet fuel derived from Jatropha to lift off.

Then a week ago I posted the video of the New Zealand jet that took off using Jatropha.

Today, Continental Airlines finally demonstrated the use of it.

“…Continental Airlines on Wednesday became the first U.S. commercial carrier to conduct a demonstration flight powered in part by alternative fuels, though large-scale use of such fuel is forecast to be several years away…”

More Here


Brainfarts… I have them all the time.

Yesterday I posted about the Rat Lungworm and then remembered that reader Harry had already clued me into it the day before but I just blew it off.  On a message board I started a whole new thread related to Rat Lungworm when the topic was already being discussed as a meningitis topic that didn’t catch my attention.

I guess I had another one today.

Aaron reminded me that the Ruby Tuesday blog I posted earlier was old news… and then I looked at post and I even linked to the old news.

I’m trying to figure out who/what/why/how or where I can blame this on… but it’s just a plain old brainfart.

I’m sure I know it’s not the first… and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

At least they don’t stink that bad.

Is Ruby Tuesday’s New Hilo Restaurant in Jeopardy?

A few weeks ago I blogged that Ruby Tuesday restaurant would be opening a new restaurant in Hilo.

Today’s news says they are actually closing 70 restaurants nationwide.  I wonder if this puts the Hilo plans on hold or in jeopardy?

…Restructuring the Company’s property portfolio including plans to close approximately 40 restaurants in the third quarter and an additional 30 over the next several years, and the write-down of properties held for sale to facilitate their disposal…

More Here

Frank Janto Sentencing Now on Video

BIVN has done it again:

“A 22 year old cold case has finally found closure today, as Frank Janto was sentenced to life in prison for the 1987 fatal stabbing of Rose Chiquita in Hilo…”

More AND video of sentencing here.

Who’s Who of the Wealthy and Politically Connected in Hawaii Who Were Wiped Out by Hawaii Telcom

Hat tip to Ian Lind for posting this on his blog.

…The identity of the group of local investors has not been reported.
But tucked away as an attachment to a motion filed in the Hawaiian Telcom bankruptcy case on Christmas Eve is what appears…

I didn’t realize how many people were directly affected by it until I read this MSN article which also listed who they were.

…The list of investors is a who’s who of the wealthy and politically connected in Hawaii, all of whom have seen their investments in Hawaiian Telcom wiped out as a result of more than $425 million in losses over three years. Hawaiian Telcom filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Dec. 1.

The company has been tight-lipped about the identities of local investors, who collectively own a 7 percent stake in the phone company…

Hawaiian Telcom sure screwed a lot of people. And I was bitching about a few months worth of bills.

Stephen J. Berman;Kathryn J. Carey;W. David P. Carey III,;Carl A. Carlson;The Carlyle Group Inc.;Carlyle Hawaii Partners LP;Carlyle Partners III Hawaii LP;Carlyle Partners III LP;Barbara Tom Ching;Cedric Ming-Kai Ching;Earl Ming-To Ching;Edric M. Ching;Eldon Ming-Te Ching;Han Hsin Ching;Han Ping Ching;Leslie M. Ching;Meredith Jayne Ching;CP III Coinvestment LP;CS Wo & Sons Ltd.;Diane N. Dods Revocable Living Trust;Diane N. Dods;Walter A. Dods, Jr.;Everett R. Dowling;East West Capital Partners LLC;Alice M. Fukunaga;Benjamin T. Fukunaga;Eric S. Fukunaga;Grace Fukunaga;Mark H. Fukunaga;Paul Mullin Ganley;Alan M. Goda;J. Stephen Goodfellow;Warren Haruki;Hawaii Partners LP;Karly Heyer;Higgins Community Property Trust;Ronald D. Higgins;Michael K. Hirai;Hong & Kwock, Attorneys, a Law Corp.;Profit Sharing Plan;Michael David Hong;David C. Hulihee;HYB Corp. Consolidated Profit Sharing Plan;Robert Ichikawa;Melvyn T. Iwaki;Marcy Carol Zilber Jackson;Melissa S. A. Jackson;Shane M. Jackson;James Stephen and Denise D. Goodfellow Main Trust;JKS Partners LP;JKT Capital Partners LLC;Joseph J. Zilber Voluntary Trust;Kahala Hi Telcom LLC;Charles R. Kelley;Jennifer S. Kelley;Richard R. Kelley;KF Telcom LLC;KG Telcom LLC;KJL Investments LLC;Bert A. Kobayashi;Dale T. Kobayashi;James H. Kobayashi;Patrick K. Kobayashi;Ronald H. Kobayashi;Leonard K. P. Leong;Beatrice Luke;Carolyn C. Luke;Catherine Luke;Warren Luke;Warren K. K. Luke;Maui Quest LLC;Bill Mills;MJM Partnership LLP;Edmund Nakano;Nicholas Ng Pack;Paul Mullin Ganley Trust;Alan Pflueger;Raymond A. Ranelli;Gregory Ratte;RCCI Management LLC;Richard Eizo Tanaka Revocable Trust;Scott Rolles;James Schuler;Servco Pacific;Richard Eizo Tanaka;TC Group III LLC;TC Group III LP;TC Group LLC;TCG Holdings LLC;Dr. Joseph Triggs;John K. Tsui;Peter J. Uehara;Waikoloa Heights Investment Partners;Walter A. Dods Jr., Revocable Living Trust;Warren K. K. Luke & Carolyn C. Luke Trust;Thomas P. Whittemore;Bennett R. Wo;C. Scott Wo;Michael J. Wo;Robert C. Wo;Robert W. Wo;Wendell J. Wo;John T. Wu;Robert T. Wu;Paul Yonamine;Joseph J. Zilber;Marilyn Zilber

Marzi Asks a Legal Question on His Blog

Anyone want to help Anthony Marzi answer a short legal question he asked on his blog yesterday?

I’m not sure of the location. Maybe someone else knows of it.

*Update* Pahoa Town Getting Ripped Off… Thieves Make Hole in Cash and Carry Roof Last Night!


John Burnett has an excellent report in today’s Tribune Herald.


In the last week, three businesses have been ripped off and Cash and Carry just had an attempted burglary last night!

We need to catch these effing punks!

I stopped by Rudedogg Tattoo today to discuss with the owner about the recent ripoffs, however, he wasn’t in so I snapped a few pictures and talked to the crew that was in the store at the time.


The workers inside the shop mentioned that the burglars attempted to pry open the window on the left side of the door and were unable to, however, they were able to pry open the window on the right side.

Marks left on right side of window

Marks left on right side of window

They took most of the crews equipment and the only thing keeping the shop in business is some of the personal supplies of the workers themselves.  The crooks apparently weren’t interested in the nice chair.


The crew in the shop, mentioned that one of the workers truck was stolen from right out in front of the business less then two weeks ago, but the truck was later recovered…”Without the help of police”.


Jan’s Barbershop was also a victim of this latest crime spree, although I didn’t get to speak to the owner for long.


Luquins Restaurant was also targeted.  My understanding is that Liquor was taken, but I forgot to ask the bartender what else was taken.


And just last night, Pahoa Cash and Carry was the victim of an attempted break-in.


When I was talking to one of the managers that opened the store this morning, she said the thieves attempted to break in through the ceiling around 3:00 in the morning, however, there were painters that just happened to be inside the store working at night, so the thieves didn’t actually get into the store as the painters scared them off.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

After talking to a few people in the above establishments, it is known that there is a video of at least one of these break-ins.

If I’m able to obtain a copy… I’ll post a copy of the alleged thieves here.

It’s a Big Island… but word travels fast.  Lets get these bastards!

Kindergarten Testing at Kamehameha

After working for the Department of Education here in Hawaii for the last 8-9 years, I saw first hand the many problems that our public schools are going through.

Many parents choose private schools here in Hawaii for this exact reason.  Public schools aren’t doing so good.

I’m very lucky that although I’m haole, I married a local lady and she has Hawaiian in her.  Therefore my son of course has Hawaiian which makes him eligible to apply for Kamehameha Schools.

Yesterday was his “Testing Day”.  I know parents are more nervous about this day then the kids are, because they don’t realize what a big decision this one little test will make upon the rest of their lives.

They don’t tell you much about the test in advance, and they tell you to just tell your kids that you are bringing them into meet with some teachers to “play some games”.

Some 220 plus kids are all competing for 40 openings on the Big Island campus. (2 – 2o student classes).  They say the statistics on the Big Island and Maui campus are that 1 out of every 6 children that apply, make it into the school.  The competition is even more fierce on Oahu where only 1 in 14 kids get accepted.

We arrived at the campus and I didn’t really know what to expect.  It turns out that they test 3 children at a time one on one with one teacher per child in a small room just inside the Admissions office. (This is just on the Big Island, I don’t know about the other islands).

The test is about 1 hour long and while the parents wait in the lobby of the admissions office.  During this hour, parents are presented with a 10-15 minute video of the overall functions of the school and the history of the school.  After the video, one of the people from admissions then talks about the process of getting into the school, tuition, financial aid, general information about further testing and any other questions that might be asked by the parents.

The school itself is very new.  I forgot to ask, but I believe it’s less then 3-4 years old at this point.  It’s a beautiful campus located off the Highway just past Keaau.  I forgot to bring my camera with me, otherwise I would have taken some pictures.

After the testing, I asked my son what went on and he told me what he remembered of the test.  I won’t say anything that went on, because the school really wants to keep the testing a very strict and fair thing for all kids going into it.  They do say that there is really nothing that a parent can do to prepare their kids for this test, however, having pre-school experience will definitely help them.

They will be returning letters to all applicants in February stating whether your child has made it through this part of testing and to come back for a “Classroom Setting” type of testing where the kids will be monitored to see how they behave and interact with other children… or that the admission process is closed and that your child has not been accepted.

Once your child gets into kindergarten, they are accepted all the way through 12th grade.  However, if they aren’t accepted, they can’t apply again until 6th grade.  If they don’t get in then, they can’t apply until 9th grade.

Kamehameha Schools is truly one of the wealthiest school in the NATION!  The kids are all expected to at least apply to get into college upon graduation.  There is also a lot of cultural field trips and events that happen that don’t happen at other schools.

I will feel fortunate if my son get’s accepted.  If he does… I sure hope he can get financial aid.  Found out the bus transportation alone is going to be $900 bucks a year.   For the longest time, I thought all the kids got a free education, but that is just not the case.  You have to make the financial needs criteria.  Unfortunately, they will be using last years taxes, of course when I was working as a criteria.  I wish that things like this weren’t based on previous years incomes as obviously last year, I made a hell of a lot more money then I am now.

Even so, if we don’t get financial aid… it’s still cheaper then the pre-school we currently have him enrolled in.  Thank goodness we got a Pauhi Scholarship for it now.

Pahoa Ranked #8 in TripAdvisor Travelcast Top 10 Destinations

I don’t know where these folks get their statistics, and I really can’t believe this latest one.

TripAdvisor has ranked Pahoa as the number 8 travel destination in the United States.  Coincidentally, it also listed Keauhou as number 3.

Here is the complete list:

TripAdvisor TravelCast Top Ten U.S. Destinations for 2009

  1. St. George, Utah
  2. Englewood, Florida
  3. Keauhou, Hawaii
  4. Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania
  5. Haines, Alaska
  6. Bainbridge Island, Washington
  7. New Buffalo, Michigan
  8. Pahoa, Hawaii
  9. Gurnee, Illinois
  10. Ruskin, Florida