State Looking to Put Roundabouts in Puna

The next Highway 130 Advisory group meeting should be an interesting one.  Most of the members of the KPAG committee seem to be very against roundabouts.

Morioka said the state is considering putting in traffic roundabouts on the Big Island, in Ka’u, Puna and Keeau.

He said the state will take proposals for roundabouts to communities first to hear their concerns before beginning any project.

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*update* Now that I think about this… the State did brief us already on roundabouts at the last meeting but definetly nothing was set in stone at that time.   Is there going to be continued discussion… I believe there will be as they really haven’t even opened these meetings to the “general public” just yet… although the general public is welcomed to come.

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  1. I love roundabouts! I spent three years in England driving where most intersections are roundabouts. They are fast, seldom require stopping and can smoothly move traffic.

    The problem is that most Americans have no idea how to drive through a roundabout.

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