*Update* I’m Getting Rich! First “Damon Dollar” Received

I received my first “Damon Dollar” today! I’m shocked and stoked.

I’m 1/1,000,000 the way to becoming a millionaire.

I’ll posted all dollars received at the page Damon Dollars up above.


It had this real interesting message on it???


I found out that this note is actually a small work of art.  It’s done by a watercolor artist on the island that has visited my blog a few times.  I appreciate that little small piece of art, more so then I thought I really would.  At first I just thought it was a fancy 3M Sticky… finding out that it’s actually a print of a watercolor one of my readers designed really means something to me.  I’ll actually keep this and tape it to my desk as an inspiration to keep on “globbing.”  I’m still spending the dollar though.

Mahalo reader N.L.


You got to read the fine print… Just kidding.

It came in with no message at all… But I do promise to post all dollars received whether they have a message or not… As long as that message isn’t something illegal or something.

MAHALO!  You know who you are that sent this to me!

Only 999,999 more until I become a millionaire!

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