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DH Scam

diamondhead certificate

Historic Kaiser Estate Put on Blocks for $80 Million

The Kaiser Estate, a 5.4 acre waterfront estate steeped in the history of Honolulu, has been put on the block for a whopping $80m (€57.6m), according to a report in the International Herald Tribune…

More Here

The Honolulu Advertiser ran an article on his Hawaii Kai home selling for $15.9 Million here in 2007.

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

"Exterior view of Hawai'i Kai house, built on the site of the guesthouse on the former 7-acre Kaiser estate." From the Honolulu Advertiser

“Would that be a blog pile?”… by Hunter Bishop

…Would that be a blog pile?..Comment by Hunter Bishop — January 1, 2009 @ 8:41 am

It’s a Blog Pile and the Counties Website is the target.

In another comment at the same post, Bishop playfully mentions the “blog pile” effect. I am beginning to see his point, haha. You’re blogging about Damon, who is blogging about me, etc. Now I’m commenting and completing the circle

Yes… the County Web Site does deserve a blog pile because it does suck that bad.

It’s good to hear that it will be changing soon.

Anyone want to Pile on?




BIVN Leaving Me Hanging

I guess Mr. Corrigan himself must have had a long night.

He has began posting his video countdowns that were popular on his blog, and he has left me hanging at #6!

So far, I’ve been in a couple of them. :shock:

I’m in this clip at #6 and this clip that came in #7.

Of course I’m not the subject of the clip… just my fat head got in the way a few times. :oops:

He has now left me hanging on the final 5 countdown. I’ve got a few guesses as to what his #1 video might be about… but I’ll just keep the speculation in the air. I’d hate to get a bonk in the head or something. :roll:

Video of New Zealand Jet Fueled by Jatropha

Jatropha is a crop that people on the Big Island have been talking about growing as an alternative energy source. Here is the just released video of the New Zealand jet that was fueled by it.


The Mauna Kea Run with BJ Penn and Urijah Faber… Video

This Mauna Kea Run with BJ Penn and Urijah Faber was taken before BJ’s last fight to help get him in shape.

It’s only 30 more days till his fight with George St. Pierre.


Nine UH Hilo Students Left Homeless After New Years Fire

Nine Hilo college students are homeless after a fire early this morning, the Big Island fire department reported in a news release.
The fire broke out at a five-story home on a steep slope at 65 Halaulani Pl. a few minutes after 2 a.m. The house was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived at  2:11 a.m…

More Here

Mahalo Kaniu!

A few moments ago, Representative Hanohano drove by my place and my wife said…”Hey, it’s Auntie Faye!”

Following her was Kaniu Stocksdale and she suprisingly pulled into my drive way!

Rep. Faye Hanohano and Kaniu Stocksdale at recent PGV Anniversary

Rep. Faye Hanohano and Kaniu Stocksdale at recent PGV Anniversary

And to my SWEET Surprise… She gave my Ohana a jar of home-made honey from her farm!

My son stoked on the honey!

My son stoked on the honey!

Mahalo Kaniu and have a great New Years!

County Getting New Website… RSS Please Mr. Bishop

A few days ago, I mentioned about how I wish things would change with the counties website and a few of my wishes for the site.

“I wish the county would start doing more with their website such as adding an RSS feed. I’d like to see links updated more often as well. I have fired off an email to the county regarding this matter and offered assistance if they were to establish a “County Blog” or something to that effect.”

I just noticed the following comment (#8) on the Poinography blog that was submitted this morning by Hunter Bishop.

…Anyway, since becoming county public relations specialist in December, I and others have been designing a new site that should address your concerns and be online sometime this month…

I sure hope that RSS feeds are included in this new design.

2008 Honorable Mentions

Bringing in the New Year with sushi

Mother-in-Law making sushi... A New Years Tradition here in Hawaii

Well it was fun going back and looking at the top 10 posts on my blog.

I figured I take another look back at some of the other posts that got a bit of attention as well as a few that may have been overlooked:

5.  Snake Reported in Puna… Pictures

No one wants to believe there are snakes in Hawaii.   A Puna resident recently reported seeing one and called in the DLNR to help catch it.   He sent me the pictures of the agents arriving and looking for the snake.

4. How to Improve the Olympics

I’m not sure if the keyword of Olympics made this one so popular or why it was, but it sure got a lot of page views.

3. Kimbo Knocked Out in 14 Seconds

CBS Television became the laughing stock of Mixed Martial Arts when their star fighter got knocked out in 14 seconds.  I grabbed the youtube video after it aired on the East Coast and it immediately became available, I didn’t think CBS would allow the video on youtube for very long, but the latest check showed that it was still there.

2. Golf Sensation Tad Fujikawas Father Busted for Meth Trafficking

This is more of a sad story of Tads father and unfortunately it really reflects poorly upon Tad.  I wish Tad the best of luck in the PGA.

1.  Project Better Place

Before Lingle even announced it, and before any newspapers had heard about Project Better Place, I blogged about it in early September:

A company official of Project Better Place actually responded when I asked the question:

Hauoli Makahiki Hou

Just wanted to say Happy New Years to all of those on my ‘roll as well as everyone else that reads this blog.


I hope 2009 is a prosperous and great year for everyone.