Pohoiki Bypass Opening and Blessing… Pictures

This morning was the opening of the long awaited Pohoiki Bypass.


I made it down there just in time after my dentist appointment to snap a few pictures.

My son had his camera along with him… I think I’ll start him blogging as soon as he can start spelling his own words.


There were about 50 or so people down there to open the bypass.


Of course Mayor Kenoi cracked jokes about Pohoiki being one of his favorite surf spots.


It was nice to see Auntie Minnie Kaawaloa and company down there to bless this opening as she literally has lived her life around this land.

Auntie Minnie in White

Auntie Minnie in White

It was nice to see Council Lady Naeole giving some credit to former Councilman Gary Safarik.


And of course, Mayor Kenoi now has his own Limo Driver at times.

Pohoiki or Bust... Got Surf?

Pohoiki or Bust... Got Surf?

BIVN has posted a video of the event here.

Click on pictures below for larger view:

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  1. I am sp glad that Santa got Hayden his camera. When he can spell is own words, it will be interesting to see his view of the world.

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