Lucky We Live on the Big Island

I’ve been following Twitter updates over the last 18 hours or so of people on Oahu who have lost there power and are staying updated on things by battery operated radios, cell phones, and online Twitter messages.

It does seem very strange to me that Oahu keeps having these extended power outages when the Big Island is actually known for the rolling blackouts.

Even during the October earthquake, Oahu lost power for about 8 – 10 hours while the Big Island continued to have power… and the actual earthquake was off the Big Island… not even around Oahu.

Last night on the Big Island, we had torrential rains and pretty strong wind.  Lightning was booming less then 3-4 miles away from where  I live, yet we never lost power at all.

I did lose internet service from about 9:00 on or so, but because I use Roadrunner, I’m just assuming for now that this may have been related to Oahu problems or something else.

We did have some flooding in downtown Hilo, however, folks down there are pretty much used to that now as it seems to flood down there at least once a year.

We are so fortunate to live on the Big Island.  I was reading the following from the Advertiser and I couldn’t help but laugh:

Waikiki Plunges into Chaos

…As for those on foot, the busiest areas were the front doors of Waikiki’s ubiquitious ABC Stores, where customers were being allowed two to four at a time to purchase what provisions were left…

Come on folks… the world is coming to an end if “provisions” at a friggin ABC store are getting depleted!

Lucky we live on the Big Island

My favorite line I heard this morning was in an email:

…Obama is reportedly safe and with power…

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