New Puna Shopping Center Planned… Also Ulupono Shopping Center Still Going Ahead With Plans

Since I added the 4 top stories from the RSS feed from the local papers I figured there wouldn’t be much purpose in blogging about many breaking stories since the feed is right there for everyone to look at.

Aaron Stene nudged me, as he always does, anytime an article that comes up about East Hawaii.

If you haven’t heard of the proposed Puna shopping center, you can read about it here.

This one is different then the Woodland Center one that I blogged about here in November with the KFC and Burger King


Also, a few weeks ago I emailed the developers and asked them what was up with the up and coming Ulupono shopping center since the website was down at the time.  They did respond:

…We are currently working on the website, and it should be back up in the coming days…

Well the new site is now up and running and you can view it here.

It’s got a really nice overhead picture of the layout:


This picture shows it’s relation to the schools in the area:


You can find out the prices for these lots by clicking here.


Things are going to get mighty busy around these neck of the woods.

We need to start improving our traffic problems NOW!

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