Miss Hilo Pageant… Winner “Crowned”?

The things google reader will find:

The Hilo Restorative Care Center recently held The Miss Hilo pageant. Now I’m not exactly sure what a Restorative Center is, but if it has anything to do with plastic surgery and this is the best three results, I think I would come across the pond to LA to get my botox done. I mean its OK for a pageant to go get a plastic surgeon as a sponsor, but you think the director would have picked a good one….


Anywho, Hideko Matayama, 101, at left, Kayone Mayshita, 106, and Makakee Honda, 101, (no relation to the car) were the lovely young women crowned at the event. And FYI to the outside observer, it looks like the director may have pocketed some of the coin on the crowns too.

The Center said that it was honoring three of its “timeless beauties” on the occasion of resident Kayone Mayshita’s 106th birthday. Hmm sounds like the pageant was rigged. Ladies, If you win a pageant on your birthday, you should be happy, but chances are your tap routine really sucked and the director just wanted you as her representative for the year.

1st Runner up was a tie and seeing how Mayshita is a ripe ‘ol 106, the chance of her not being able to fulfill her year of service seems kinda high, so these two other ladies should try and stay awake for the next 365 in case they are needed to step in.

“It was a festive celebration with the residents, families and associates and featuring the Keola Pono No Na Kupuna Entertainers,” said Shelley Yasuhara, director of activities.

Mayshita was born Nov. 10, 1902. Hideko Matayama and Makakee Honda, both 101, were also honored even though Makakee did fall asleep a couple times during the event.

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