“Let’s Go Banners”… Kona Showroom Now Open

I always try and support local companies that are competing and doing business here in the islands.

Let’s Go Banners is a great local company that produces just about anything you could want for a business.  Banners, Signs, Logos you name it.

They just recently opened their Kona Showroom, however, they ship all over the U.S.  Some of the craftsmanship that goes on behind the work of this business can be seen here.

Any business that will actually list there favorite music videos on their website is a winner in my mind!

Let’s Go Banners specializes in producing high quality banners, signs, and practically anything displaying your logo! We serve the U.S. via our network of distributors, and our corporate office is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. We also have a printing facility in Anderson, Indiana, as well as hundreds of suppliers all over the U.S. We will be opening our first showroom in Kona, Hawaii in August, 2008.

And no folks… I’m not a distributor. :lol:

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