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Beast of the East Next Weekend – Volcano


I dropped by the Pahoa Skateshop this afternoon to check things out and see what that incense smell was coming from.


Entering the store and it had an interesting Rastafari Vibe to it.


Having  skated when I was younger, I dug the interior and appreciated the sign on the wall.


Asked the counter keeper Sara DiLallo and her son Elijah “Wasssup?”.


They mentioned that there was a skate contest next weekend at Volcano Skate Park, Saturday December 27, sign ups begin at 10:00 am.

The kids in the shop were fine tuning there skateboards and getting the latest scoops on things.

Tyson Lively 8, Shandon Cuba 10, Triston Kimball 11, Alex Bond 12 and Jesse Rodrigues Aste 11

Tyson Lively 8, Shandon Cuba 10, Triston Kimball 11, Alex Bond 12 and Jesse Rodrigues Aste 11

Sarah’s husband and owner of Pahoa Skate Shop, Mark, said that the reason why skate contests aren’t being done at the Pahoa Skate Park is because construction is not complete.  Once construction is completed, they are looking forward to having contests there.


I didn’t get the chance to ask about the completion date, however, skateboard park legend “Carter” was hoping that it would be sooner then later.


Next weeks contest includes a Skateboard Contest, BBQ Feast, Best Trick Contest, Afterparty and Video Premiere.

It is great that kids of all ages are using this skate park.


And it’s also great to see the young wahine out there shredding these days too, which you didn’t ever see during the days when I skated.

12 year old wahine Taylor Ma'inaa'upo rides with the best of them

12 year old wahine Taylor Ma'inaa'upo rides with the best of them

Sponsors of next weeks contest at Volcano Skate Park include:

Oasis Skate Boards, Volcano Skatepark Organization, Pahoa Skate Shop, KRU, Freeride Union, 808 Empire, Dynamic, Poetree, Lomsbread, Pacific Skates, Orca Skateboards, Hart Mind Soul, XXXVII Aparell, Lowcard, BDK Skate, LOST, Basic Image, Green Bottle Productions, Total Deniability, Bamboo SK8, Sponge and Son, Lightsleepers, JADD, The Cutlery, Savage Beast, Big Island Surf, Hubba, Lucky City Venture.

3 Responses

  1. this is really good to see!

  2. I am looking for a point of contact for the Pehoe Skate Park and found some articles about the skate park running out of money, that its in shambles and that the owner of the Pehoe Skate shop was robbed. Could the news get any worst. Im really sad to hear the bad news. I was hoping the skate park was finished and events were being held. If anyone knows of anything about this skate park and its movement towards betterment, send me an email. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the nice words and great pix!

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