RIP Clyde Halemaumau “Kindy” Sproat… Video

“Clyde Halemaumau “Kindy” Sproat, one of Hawaii’s most renowned falsetto singers and musicians, died Monday, Dec. 15 at his home. He was 78…”

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Here he is performing from The Great Performers (June 2007):


“These are the songs I grew up with. They make me come alive. The tunes haunt me,” he says. “Who knows them? Who sings them? Nobody.So, I feel I should preserve them. They’re beautiful and they tell beautiful stories. I don’t expect any of the young ones to sing and play the songs like I do because they never heard them in their time. I’m just playing and singing what I heard in my time. And I retained all that.”

“One ‘ukulele and one soul can do a lot.”

He went to school in Niuli’i, and gives much credit to the principal of the grade school there, “Uncle” Edwin Lindsey, for instilling in him and many others a love for Hawaiian music.

“When I was in high school, and I was suffering from tangle mind syndrome, my mind was all tangled…I would run away from school and walk all the way up here [cliffs in Pololu Valley]. And climb up over here and lay down and look down…I would sit down here and look out over here and count my blessings.
Pretty soon when you go home…my, you’re in a good mood.”

Kindy retired after 20 years in the Air Force, and now performs and collects Hawaiian and hapa-haole folk songs…

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