Student Regent That Supported UARC at UH Resigns

Hat tip to Capsun for the following:

UH Student Regent Michael Dahilig submitted his written resignation to Governor Linda Lingle on Friday. (See letter below)

Michael Dahilig (UH Photo)

Michael Dahilig (UH Photo)

Dahilig was one of the regents that supported the UH Decision to to support the Navy UARC at UH despite the fact that most students were against it.

In this September 2007 interview, he defends his decision:

…He said personally for him it came down to a question of academic freedom. He said the three-year moratorium on classified research was “a fair compromise.” Ultimately, he said, “the pros outweighed the cons,” so he voted for the military research program…

…He said that while he is “not 100% proud” of the vote, that he felt he “tipped his hat” to the overwhelming student opposition by voting yes with reservations…

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Resignation letter:


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