For the Record… “Were Not Lesbians”

I had the pleasure of meeting District 5 Councilwoman Naeole’s two new legislative aides that she has brought on, RJ Hampton and Sheryle “Sativa” Sulton today at the PGV anniversary.

Apparently word got back to them about a comment that was made on my blog regarding them being lesbians.

They asked me to clarify on my blog that they were not lesbians and only good friends.

RJ asked if I could remove the comment on my blog listed here, however, I told her that for the integrity of my blog, I would not remove comments by request of others.

I welcomed them both to respond on my blog directly and they told me that they don’t read blogs.

RJ Hampton and Cherish "Sativa" Almeida

RJ Hampton and Sheryle "Sativa" Sulton

I myself could really care less about a persons sexual preference.  Whether they can do the job as a legislative aide is the most important thing to me.

I did find it interesting that as soon as the food was served today… they dug out of the rest of the presentations. ;)

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  1. Thanks for the clarification, Damon. I don’t know that I have erred when I describe them on my blog as “domestic partners,” since I do believe they live together.

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