Reader Asks for My Thoughts on the New Police Chief

I received the following email from someone:

Hi Damon,

I’m a fan of your blog especially your regular posting habit.  I’m wondering if you have any comment or information on the new big island police chief.  I watched the video here: It seemed a bit odd, the big speech by Mr. Ashida about the voting process being as uninfluenced as possible with the ballot technique.

But then it seems that the issue was decided very clearly without dissent as the vote was unanimous…doesn’t seem like democracy in action.  Furthermore, the new chief goes through a congratulatory friendly fest shaking hands and hugging the commissioners and getting the welcome by Mayor Kenoi.  Was the other candidate Fukui even in attendance?  Was a search really done outside the bounds of our police department?  It seems as though the commission/mayor/corporate counsel are all on the same page — I’d prefer a little more dissent and choice in government.  This viewed like a ceremony rather than a vote.

Here is the catch, I don’t know either candidate or the any histroy of HPD, perhaps Kubojiri was the best and clear choice by far and wide….

Just thought you might have some info or be able to make something of this.

To answer the readers question, I really don’t know much about the new police chief.

It does anger me that the former police chief does not seem to want to listen to the voice of the people when it comes to the recent Pakalolo issue.

While I know the Police here on the Big Island do the best that they can, I feel that because of the limited funds available, the large and spread out population of this island, and the general economy in general, all contribute to the crime rates we have.

I also think the police are very underpaid here in this State and I think a lot of tax money is wasted by using police officers as frigging flaggers for construction projects.

Must be nice to get paid big bucks on your off time to tell traffic to stop and go. ;)

Anyone know why it is mandated that Police officers are used for highway and street projects as flaggers?

It seems to me, the county could save a bunch of money by hiring a bunch of kids out of High School for less then half the cost that they pay these officers to flag.

2 Responses

  1. Why do you argue semantics when I am merely trying to provide information on your blog? I was pointing out that the off-duty officers are not “mandated,” as you said, and you respond with a lame rhetorical statement.

    Do you really believe I think contractors absorb the cost of flagmen? If you insist on having such last words, yours will eventually be the only words on your blog. Nobody likes to be belittled, especially in such a childish fashion, when they are trying to be helpful. Of course, if you’re interested only in a bully pulpit and not providing useful information, stay the course!

    Damon – I have been told officers are mandated on certain projects. Sorry if you feel belittled, that was not my intention

  2. Regarding the “special duty” by police officers, most of them, if not all, are hired by the private contractors doing the project. The contractors apparently prefer to use the off-duty officers because they command more respect than civilian counterparts, which are sometimes used instead. However, the compensation the contractor must pay the off-duty officers is the same as the officers’ regular pay.

    Damon – The contractors are generally working for the County or the State… therefore that money is still passed onto us tax payers… unless you think the contractors just pay for them out of their own pockets!

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