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I’m Not as Think as you Dyslexic I am… Notre Dame Fan Rips My Blog

I often make some of the weirdest typos and grammatical mistakes.

Sometimes I catch them, most other times I don’t.  It’s always easier to proofread someone elses writing instead of your own.

I will often make the following mistakes:

1. Their and There 2.  Know and No 3. Through and Threw 4. It’s and Its

Although I know the difference in how these words are supposed to be used, sometimes my mind is flying so fast that I’m typing by phonetic sounds instead of actually typing by grammar.  I guess it’s alright that it’s just a personal blog and I’m not getting paid by any advertisers or anything for the content that I do put on my blog.

It’s just a bit frustrating to have some PUNK ASS KID FROM NOTRE DAME telling me that I made a mistake on my blog about UH vs. Notre Dame.

“…By the way, you suck at spelling.  It’s Here and not Hear. (In reference to a post about “You Heard it Hear Here first” UH vs. Notre Dame Game)…”

Not only does the punk kid make fun of my damn typing error… he goes on to say:

… “Were going to kill you guys in the Hawaii Bowl!”.

Dude… I don’t give a rip about my tieping skylz.

But you crossed the line when you said your gonna kill us at the Hawaii Bowl!

I’ll put my words on the line…. I’ve blogged everyday since I started this blog.

If Notre Dame wins… I won’t blog for 24 hours straight!

fingersAnd people wonder why I moderate my comments.  ;)

3 Responses

  1. Hey, former Hilo boy here, now living outside frigid Chicago (it warmed up to 32 degrees today). Glad I found your blog.

    Around here we know about Notre Dame fans…a 6-6 record is much better than they deserve…GO Warriors!!!

    Damon – Can’t take the Islands out of the boy… huh?

  2. Did he really type, “Were going to kill you guys in the Hawaii Bowl”?

    Damon – Yes… I guess I should have gave him shat for it.

  3. An entire 24hrs? We will have to chain you down and sit on you to get you through a full day!

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