I’m Not as Think as you Dyslexic I am… Notre Dame Fan Rips My Blog

I often make some of the weirdest typos and grammatical mistakes.

Sometimes I catch them, most other times I don’t.  It’s always easier to proofread someone elses writing instead of your own.

I will often make the following mistakes:

1. Their and There 2.  Know and No 3. Through and Threw 4. It’s and Its

Although I know the difference in how these words are supposed to be used, sometimes my mind is flying so fast that I’m typing by phonetic sounds instead of actually typing by grammar.  I guess it’s alright that it’s just a personal blog and I’m not getting paid by any advertisers or anything for the content that I do put on my blog.

It’s just a bit frustrating to have some PUNK ASS KID FROM NOTRE DAME telling me that I made a mistake on my blog about UH vs. Notre Dame.

“…By the way, you suck at spelling.  It’s Here and not Hear. (In reference to a post about “You Heard it Hear Here first” UH vs. Notre Dame Game)…”

Not only does the punk kid make fun of my damn typing error… he goes on to say:

… “Were going to kill you guys in the Hawaii Bowl!”.

Dude… I don’t give a rip about my tieping skylz.

But you crossed the line when you said your gonna kill us at the Hawaii Bowl!

I’ll put my words on the line…. I’ve blogged everyday since I started this blog.

If Notre Dame wins… I won’t blog for 24 hours straight!

fingersAnd people wonder why I moderate my comments.  ;)

My Blog Hits the #82 spot in the “Growing Blogs” in the World! Thanks Everyone

I just was informed that my blog made the December Growing Blogs – Blogs of the Day list for WORDPRESS!

My blog has actually broken the top 100 list IN THE WORLD for the month of December according to WordPress!

It’s actually listed at #82 according to this site:

I’m kind of blown away by this… and it couldn’t have happened with out you folks reading my blog!

Mahalo everyone!

Notre Dame to Play UH in Hawaii Bowl… CONFIRMED

Officials said the NCAA gave its blessing to the match-up this afternoon…

And you heard it here first!

I called it more then 10 days ago!

“These Days, You Gotta Blog if You’re a Farmer”

Richard Ha recently spoke before Hawaii’s House of Representatives.

The Hawaii House Blog has a summary of Richards talk on their post entitled “The Rodney Dangerfield of the Economy”:

…The world has changed. He has had to lay off 20 workers recently. He says you can tell that farming is bad when fertilizer sales go down. Fertilizer sales have been going down since last spring. There is, however, an opportunity to use agricultural lands for energy crops. A bill passed last year allows farmers to finance loans for energy projects, although this may not be quite enough incentive to bring more people into farming.

He has a blog now. “These days, you gotta blog if you’re a farmer…”

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

Yes… I’ve made it snow in Hawaii!

It will be snowing on my blog every now and then according to the local forecast.

Hold on tight… enjoy the ride… and Happy Holidays!


Today’s KO

Yesterday was my first missed KO since I started these things. :(


Dec. 7, 1941


Former Naeole Aide Edwards-Hunt Lays Some Heat on Current Aide RJ Hampton

I just noticed former aide to council lady Naeole, Tiffany Edwards-Hunt was asked to help Naeole get a trip to Washington DC to attend some function there.

I do find it ironic that a current aide, that has two aides herself that she is paying out of her own pocket, would ask a former aide for assistance.

Apparently, so does Edwards-Hunt:

“…RJ, you are now Emily’s right-hand woman. If this is what you consider to be Council District 5 business, I must remind you that you are an assistant who reportedly has arranged to have, not just one assistant, two assistants. I should hope that one or all of you would be able to make contact with Mr. Earl Stafford, of Virginia, on Emily’s behalf.” Tiffany Edwards-Hunt

Stay tuned folks… were not even one week into the new council!

I know Edwards-Hunt is still setting up her blog and working out the kinks in it… so I’m not sure how long these links will work or how long Ms. Edwards will keep that blog posted.

Video of Pahoa Parade Now Online

BIVN has posted video of yesterday’s Pahoa Parade.

A video sure beats my pictures any day!

Check it out here

AWESOME VIDEO Mr. Corrigan! Nice shot of the cute kid on the tractor and great clip of my face on the judges shot! ;)

TMT and H-130 Poll Updates

I’m moving the TMT poll and H-130 Comments to the side of my website.

Interesting results have been coming in on both polls.

The TMT poll is running 62% in favor of locating the TMT a top Mauna Kea, And the H-130 Poll has generated 72 votes.

Remember… You Heard it Here First: Notre Dame vs. UH in Hawaii Bowl?

I was the first in Hawaii to mention that I thought Notre Dame would play Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl and I mentioned it here.

Today’s Honolulu Advertiser has the following:

The University of Notre Dame is believed to be strongly considering an appearance in the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl against the University of Hawai’i football team on Dec. 24…

More Here

Silly Sunday


2008 Pahoa Christmas Ho’olaulea… Pictures

After the Pahoa Parade, many members of the community gathered at Pahoa High and Intermediate school to attend the annual Christmas Ho’olaulea.
A great time was had by all and the weather cooperated, which seems to be unusual for this annual event.

The courtyard gathers with people

The courtyard gathers with people

The action was both outside and inside:

Crowd watches the entertainment

Crowd watches the entertainment

Vendors lined the walls of the cafeteria:

Handmade Cards

Handmade Cards



Orchids and Hand Crafted Earings

Orchids and Hand Crafted Earings

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Some Sold, Some Shopped, Some Looked for Food

Some Sold, Some Shopped, and Some Looked for Food